50.8m SP Marauder, Dread, Blops and more pilot - Good zkill

I am selling myself.

Toon is located in Amarr.
Is in NPC Corp
Sec Status -1.2
Wallet Balance - 0
Clones all in Highsec
No Killrights

Please make offers on this thread.

26b bo
isk ready online now

im interested in your character, your skillboard link is not working tho

Fixed it.

How is standing with major factions for free travel i high-sec

Has no issues for traveling in high sec

Daily bump

bump bump

Bump bump

30B bo

I’ll accept 30b.
Please send isk along with a message in game with the account to transfer to and I can get it going once I’m home.


31 Bil. I will be on for a few hours?

Other guy never followed through so if you’re interested shoot the isk over along with your account name and I’ll get it going once I’m at my computer

I am sorry I was asleep. If the 31B bid falls through I will still be happy to pay the 30b

EDIT: Bid updated to 32B.

33b now or at any time can trade.

34B bid.

35B bid

Assuming no additional bids come in the next hour I’ll accept the top bid.

Thank you

36B bid.

@Inursion_Dragon accepted. Send isk and account info to me in game. Thanks