51+mil mostly miner, pve named *Sleeping Miner* :> 4h left

No kill rights.
Positive wallet.
2 remaps.
2.7m+ unallocated.
1 Jump clone in JLO-Z3 with 4/5 (no charisma) +5 set, RX-804 and MX-1005.
Located in high sec.

Starting bid 28b, b/o 35b

28 bil

30 bil abo

First bump

Another bump


32b for buyout. until midnight tomorrow.

31B offer

Highest bidder.
Due to work once again ruining my plans to play computergames, i’ll let the auction live for another 4 hours.

Best of luck

31.5 Offer

Winnner winner chicken supper. send me the isk and mail me account name

Thanks, I have sent the ISK and an eve mail of the account info to transfer it to.

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