53.3M Amarr/Trig PVE (Paladin, Mrd5)

Jossephine Lee Ray Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)
All CCP rules apply.
Positive wallet
No killrights
JC in High sec only
Locatedin Jita

All Amarr/Trig Related Guns T2 with Specializations @4
Perfect Gunnery Skills

HAC5: Perfect Zealot Pilot, Ikitursa Pilot
Marauders5: Paladin
Assault Frigates 5: Nergal/Retribution
Susbsystems 5: Legion
Command Ships5: Damnation/Absolution with perfect Armored command skills so you can use mindlink
Transports5: Prowler/Mastodon (no shields skills though as I was using it in High Sec only)
Salvaging/Hacking/Archeology 5

Post your bids here, start from 41B
@ISD_Traindriver please unblock, for some reason flag button is not visible for me

Topic reopened.


40 bil


41b offer

42 bil

46b buy out

thank you for your offer, I will let it stay here for 24h and if it will be last one, I will accept :slight_smile:

I’m looking at a few - but will offer 50b cash in hand let’s get this transferred today. Thanks.

Thank you for your offer, I believe we have a deal, sir.
Please send money and account name


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character is being transferred.
T4T and good luck with new toy :slight_smile:

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