53.9 Mil Sp PvP for sale

Multispec pvp toon to sell, Offers above 45Bil will be considered. B/O 48.5bil


As per CCP rules

Positive wallet
In NPC corp
Isk to this toon

45B BO offer

Go 47B and we can do this.

46b and no plex transfer

cant do, sorry Bee.

Are you doing a plex xfer or a direct transfer?

If you are doing a direct by paying irl I will meet your 48.5

Nah Ill do plex transfer sorry.

i offer 47 then

If this is the highest bid, I will accept and close when i get home (about 12 hours from now).

@jj_gunsIinger You win. send isk and account deets and ill begin transfer.

isk and account info sent

transfer ticket #1092231

received about 2 days ago and i forgot to update CCP seriously needs to do something about this character transfer crap. Thanks man have a good one

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