53 mil sp female Gallente logi V pilot SALE COMPLETE

This character is ocated in Dodixe with 53,825,924 SP, positive bank account, positive security status, with a single clone. 1 remap ready. Has never been in a major alliance. Has 436,707 unused Concord loyalty points. Used for primarily for logi, can fly an oni perfect. Has Gallente Frig, Dessy, Cruiser, BC, and BB at 5. Leadership V with all basic warfare skills at V. Can also fly a Kronos with marauder 4. Gunnery and Drone subskills all 5. Has no missile skills. Has no ships other than Gallente trained.

Pass 4321

I’d suggest making a skillboard.


Thanks, I had one to start but it was slow to update and still showed me in a corp. Its finally updated so I’m posting now.

25 bil offer

45 bil


Edit: Confirming 45 bil

47 bil

Thanks for all the bidding. Does this bid still stand?

Pending sale to Maizie Fields for 45bil.

ISK and account info has been sent. Thanks!

ISK received. Character transfer done on transfer site.

Transaction complete

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