5m SP Drone int V, drones V, light drone V: great starter toon


Drone int V
Light drone operation V

2.1m SP in drones

4b buyout.

Great starter toon for anyone, and can use a VNI well enough to make isk.

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buyout changed to 10b for both toons.

confirming i’m for sale.

(completely forgot to do this.)

confirming i’m for sale.


Still available y’all :slight_smile: will do 14b for all 3 toons together!


hey i will take both for 8.5 b b/o

9.5 is the minimum I will take. especially considering they have More SP now then when I posted, as I"ve been trainign them.

spod head is 2 weeks from exhumer V, Jita Cancer is 1 week from exhumer 5 now.


Would you do 9b for both, if I don’t have a better offer by tomorrow?

I will take both for 9b sending isk and all now

isk/accounts recieved and transfer has been started. Enjoy!

doug Jones is still for sale!


to the top.


comeon y’all, 4b takes it!