5m+ SP Focused Occator Pilot. Can fly Orcas as well

Great for wormhole living, or moving your fortizar into your rattle hole, because dreads are so much more fun then drones.

Plex sale, parked in 4-4 jita.
Focused Occator Pilot, can fly orca as well.
Has trade/manufacturing/science jobs/research skills as well
0.0 sec status
5027677 SP and counting
2 bonus remaps. Currently mapped memory/intel.
Positive isk wallet.

Triglavian Outfit

Gallente Industrial 5
Industrial Command Ships 3
Transport Ships 4, 5 in queue
Great Nav Skills
Good engineering skills
Training into scanning skills, not a big prio atm.
Mining Foreman 5
Accounting 4
Trade 4
Close to cybernetics 5
Industry 5
Science 5
Laboratory Operation 3
Some trade skills

skillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Cloaky_Camper_Lol

Industrial Command Ships
Transport Ships
Advanced Mass Production
Accidently injected large disintegrator spec (oops)
Triglavian Quantum Engi

Starts at 3.9b

I dont read in-game messages. good luck!


24h bump.

Cybernetics 5 done in less than 2 days.

cyber5 done in 23 hours.


I hope you have cloaking researched with that name.

i do :slight_smile:

bump it up

Max Orca skills? Full boosting?

no. Was just used to move a fortizar into a hole.

bump :slight_smile:

3.9 bil

send isk and account info you’d like to be transfered to :slight_smile:

acc info and isk sent

ticket made, transfered started. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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