5th Expeditionary Fleet Mining and Industry

5EF is looking for members to fuel its new mining operation! We have an Orca Available, and are willing to tech pilots the ins and outs of mining in a safe and friendly environment! We are currently operating in HiSec, with plans to move to wormhole once our numbers grow. Most of us are currently in EST timezone, and would like to hear from YOU! So, new or old capsuleers, just send me an EvEMail with any questions you have of me, and fly safe!

Syless Sora

Hello Syless,

Was scanning the list and noticed you and your corp might be a good fit for Wormlife. It’s an alliance based out of WH Space. They have 7 or so Different wormholes ranging from C1 to C4. They mainly are PvE and are eagerly awaiting moon mining to land in Wspace.

My corporation Niflhelm is in Wormlife and currently in a C2 with static HS and C1 connections. We have good planitary(the deeper you go the better), much better than HS. Eight members active daily in the EU timezone. Aliance is Wormlife. Check zKill website…

and you will find we are the dominant PVP corp in Wormlife.

We can teach you how to survive and thrive in wh space.

Discord Voice Chat.

Hope you find what you’re looking for.


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