6 2010-2014 Virgin characters for sale

Hi all, I have a few characters from 2010 - 2014 that are virgin which I am looking to sell.

All characters are in NPC Corps
All chars are in a highsec station
All chars have a positive wallet
All chars have 0 kill rights

Suko Den - Gallente
Date of Birth: 2010-12-02
SP: 56,489

Kaizuko Shen - Minmatar
Date of Birth: 2010-11-09
SP: 666,375

Iqrisa Ghekon - Amarr
Date of Birth: 2014-11-19
SP: 1,453,552

Dax Ralen - Caldari
Date of Birth: 2014-11-29
SP: 58,994

Mr Skyfall - Gallente
Date of Birth: 2012-11-08
SP: 4,719,402

Shinzo Akiga - Caldari
Date of Birth: 2014-12-03
SP: 55,824

Thank you guys

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