60m loan requested : Loan has been repaid and closed

I have been running missions and I want to start a trading career. I need 15m to buy daytrading book and the rest would be used for buy orders. I have a fitted drake I can offer as collateral. I would repay 70m in 14 days.
Thank you for reading this.

still need ?

Indeed Iam still hoping somebody provide a loan

okay , I’ll help you

just set contract to “Motizuki Sho”
sell your fitted drake for 60M , I will keep your ship till you pay 70M

Check your wallet, cheers.

I would like to acknowledge receipt of 100m from Not 4 Sale and 60m from Dauntless Celest.
I think these were probably meant as gifts and I thank both these players : )
I’m going to treat these as loans and will repay in 14 days with interest
No collateral was asked for by either player and I haven’t previously met these 2 kind people :slight_smile:

It’s a gift, don’t pay it back.

I have sent Not 4 Sale 117m and Dauntless Crest 70m so this loan has now been repaid.

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