[Filled] 50 B Loan

I am lending 50 B to Dread Pirate Westley. I am holding appropriate collateral, which has been contracted back to him for 51.25 B (including 2.5% interest). The loan will expire on 2021-11-19.

And you felt the need to post this because? You think it’ll give him some sort of credit score or something?

It is a colletarised loan as you said.

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The original loan has been paid back in full. At the same time, we agreed on a new loan for 9 B. I am holding appropriate collateral, which has been contracted back to Dread Pirate Westley for 9.225 B (including 2.5% interest). The new loan will expire on 2021-12-15.

The new loan has also been paid back in full.

Sounds like it could be a new form of scam. You’re right about the credit score, but it’s for the lender. If you give him money, he takes more in return. And there is no in-game mechanism for him to automatically give you back the money if you “return” the amount he “lent” you. Thus, he can keep the collateral and the repayment if he so chooses.

This is incorrect. Trust is important (because there is no in-game mechanism to ensure that the lender returns the collateral), but loan amount and collateral are traded via item exchange contract. As lender, I lose access to the collateral as soon as the repayment is made. There is no way I could keep both.

Cool, move it to services no one cares about your less that payday type loans, op’s post is utter garbage and when I see these Norn like posts my actual respect for the OP’s go way down. You have negative score now I’d quicker lend to someone with no posts than you.

Always enjoy the Norn hate.

It’s how you can always identify a Brewlar alt since his accounts keep getting banned on the forums


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