165b loan

I need a 165b loan I will pay back within a month once I earn more

Uh yea. Me too. I’ll pay it back for realises.

What AT ship do you have your heart set on? Do you have the collateral for such an insane loan? How would you even make 165b in a month?

Look bro, I know things ok? Just hand over the 165b. I got you.

Of course I got collateral my boy.

bruh, literally nobody with 165b to loan out will trust you posting like this in the forums

Ok look, I didn’t want to let this leak but I got that collateral ok? But its a limited time thing. I need the cash up front to generate that profit on the back end.

Look, I can do it on a smaller scale. Front me 10b and I can double it for you in a month or so time. You gotta look at it this way, you gotta spend money to make money right?

It involves the new event and the Abyss, thats all I can tell you for now. Hence why time is a factor.

Evemail or convo me in-game if youre serious about the 10b loan, we can discuss further

Who hasn’t made 165 bil in a month before? Lol

I see what you did. :stuck_out_tongue: Btw do you expect to get paid back 165B in the end? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Hey maybe he won’t notice the difference and follow through just the same. :smiley:

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lol, I know right?

He obviously needs it for himself, his soon to be new Hel and his 36 mining alts.

I mean who here could make 165bn in a month?

Oh wait me.

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