64-bit Mac Client, Wine, and YOU

You wouldn’t expressly lose the Magic Mouse, but you likely would want to activate Secondary Click in the settings so that the right side functioned like a right mouse button (As it turns out, many Mac user have already enabled this functionality).


Thanks, Rixx.

I suspect a lot of Mac “powerusers” are in a similar boat.

We’ll do what we can to keep you guys cruising along.


Thanks everyone for the replies and comments.

We’re about to have the implementation of this in a testable state, so I may soon be (potentially able to begin planning to think about the consideration of a slight possibility of maybe) providing some answers on resulting functionality and what exactly happens when we remove ccp-master from the equation.

Until then, please continue to comment and of course keep flying.


If we lose the Left-Option-as-Alt binding, is it possible to bind Option-whatever in shortcuts, or do we lose all Alt-based shortcuts in the process?

Or does Command also map to Alt? I honestly don’t know!

I’m confused, walk me through this.
Command-A will not be “select all”. What will command-A be?
What will “select all” be? Others have suggested control-A, but is that true?
What happens when I try and change a shortcut to something with the command key?
If the command key does nothing, then can I freely use it as the talk key on Discord?

Also, I don’t get the mouse issue. There is something else the right side of the mouse can be used for other than secondary click?

What does this mean: “Left option key maps to left Alt key” as my keyboard has one key that is labeled both “alt” and “option”. Doesn’t that mean they are the same key already? What does it mean to map a key to itself?

However, I already seem to use the control key alot in Eve for things I would expect to use command on typical Mac apps, so this seems to be a minor change.

Hey @Xaviar_Onassis and @Vincent_Athena, here’s the best walk through I can offer. Will clarify if anything isn’t immediately grokkable, though. Just ask:

  1. You can see what the mappings would be right now by choosing “winehq-master” as the dev branch and “Latest” as the wine version in the Preferences menu of the EVE Launcher (accessed through the menu bar, not the Launcher settings cog).

  2. We can’t 100% claim that winehq-master will always have the same keybindings (we don’t maintain winehq-master) it has at present, but the current set up is as follows (mostly, ctrl replacing cmd):

  • Select All: ctrl-a
  • Copy: ctrl-c
  • Paste: ctrl-v
  • Cut: ctrl-x
  • Hide game window: None
  • Close windows in EVE: ctrl-w

Any conflicting shortcuts you have set to those binds would have to be reset.

  1. With regard to the mouse, for users who do not have secondary click enabled, there is no difference between the right and left mouse clicks on the Magic Mouse. Without the bespoke “command-click = right click” keybind, “command-click” defaults to “Look At” and there is then no way for someone with only one mouse button to access the contextual (right click) menu. So single button mouse users in the new paradigm will be required to have Secondary Click enabled in the Mouse settings of their Macs.

  2. The Left option key (on official Apple keyboards) on winehq-master is not recognized. You could not use it in the EVE shortcut menu. The labels on the keys of your specific keyboard may be different, and the drivers unique to that hardware, so you will have to see if the keystroke is recognized using winehq-master. (In general, Wine recognizes cmd as the alt key. But there are issues where the system uses cmd for other functions resulting in input conflicts.)

  3. I am not 100% familiar with Discord’s implementation on Mac, so that would be a question for the people who maintain that bit of code.

I won’t mind also if these key commands would drop.
It’s just getting it into my head whats the harder part.

bindings in winehq seems much more native for mac users, but bindings are the last part of interest, where we can get a really stable game and high quality picture in full resolution

For me losing those keybindings will be quite painful.
Is it possible to treat cmd as ctrl, and ctrl as windows key? That will be perfect.

Losing keybindings is a minor inconvenience in comparison to not being able to play EVE at all. These days I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have secondary click enabled on their mouse so that’s not really a problem anyway. EVE is not a particularly accessible game for those with physical impairments anyway.

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As the resident macOS #devfleet poster, I have been considering a good reply to this for a long while.

But as I already use upstream wine with a minor hack to get the touchbar working properly I haven’t figured out what to write. I haven’t heard any complaints about this on Tweetfleet slack either, but most people there are also using upstream wine I guess?

Losing the keybinds would be a pain, but i am sure @Aurora_Morgan can talk this idiot thru getting them back somehow.

The magic mouse is my preferred mouse while traveling (200+ days a year - so you could say I use it more often) It is compact, easy on batteries, no friggin cords and syncs better than any other mouse. I mean, I guess i could get another mouse but essentially having a permanent trackpad on your mouse is awesome.

Finally got my access to my accounts back: dead computer and restoring phone — bad combination.
Losing the key binds isn’t going to be a deal breaker for most (I probably should not speak for the community, but I am me…) it will just be a putting teeth cutting for some people.

I am more concerned with proper support - as my 2012 iMac died, my replacement is the i7 2018 Mac mini. Which should last me a long once I can get an EGPU for it.

All I ask, please keep potato mode EVE. If I want pixel porn, I will find a good hentai site. :crazy_face:

P.s. I missed this community.

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I still wonder who programs in 32b in this century…32b is dead at least 20 years but I understand that for most users it doesn’t bring any advantages.

What I wonder about is that you put more and more graphical crap that clutters PC resources - most hardcore players always play in lowest graphical setting for maximal performance…IN EVERY GAME :wink:

EVE is about multi-boxing as always has been. Try run 8 clients at once :smiley: - there is no HW for that unless you love to waste 5,000€ on PC that will be obsolete in about a half year.

My, almost maxed out, Apple MBP 2017 “struggles” with three clients at once…why would I want better graphical experience? I run lowest setting anyway - I wonder who has time to observer tiny details on Retina LCD anyway…perhaps some kids with lots of time, sponsored by daddy.

It took you years to make basic stuff as UI scaling…that was revolution for me. I had sore eyes and headaches from tiny text on my LCD.

KEEP IT SIMPLE and don’t forget about hardcore players. Even lowest graphic setting clogs even best PC :wink:


I already use upstream wine with a minor hack to get the touchbar working properly

Please tell more, I struggle with touchbar.

Changed key bindings would be somewhat tricky to get used to again.

Personally I’m using what wine is packaged with EVE Launcher by default, didn’t know you can change that in settings before reading this topic. Though I’d use something different if it would help to tackle function keys on touchbar.

thank you for keep the client going for Mac users. was dreading having to buy a PC again.

Announcements forthcoming, but the results from our 2nd mass test looked pretty good and initial public Mac 64 usage is returning helpful data. The ball is rolling!

Thank you all for your comments and contributions here. It’s super helpful to have a vocal user base and really great to show engagement to the decision makers.

I’ve been using an Anker mouse with my iMac so that I can right click in Eve. I see no big problems with the changes you are talking about for Wine. I don’t think I’ve ever used those key combinations in Eve, except to try to copy and paste from chat in order to try to use Google translate occasionally. It turned out not to work well enough for realtime chat . Speaking of which, It would be really cool if there were a way to translate in Eve especially between Russian and English since the alphabets are so different.

Would it be possible for the individual player to set the keybindings to use the CMD button if they wanted? Not too familiar with wine, but this would be a pain as going from in game to out of game apps.