Wine version update to 2.22

CCP Wine fork has been updated with the latest version from WineHQ, bringing Wine up to version 2.22.

Please make sure your launcher is correctly setup to use this version:

If you have any Issues running the game after the wine update, please verify your game installation (this should not overwrite your preference or saved chat logs):

Please note that we can’t provide support for Issues occurring with different settings. If you have been playing with a different wine version previously, please make sure to revert to these preferences and verify your installation.

We would greatly appreciate any feedback or comments regarding this update.


cool. What again are the differences between ccp’s fork and the main wine project?

It’s primarily keyboard mappings, to allow more Mac-like keyboard commands, like Cmd-C instead of Ctrl-C, etc. Initially I also added explicit recognition of several video cards - those have mostly made it to the main project.


Hi there Snorlax. Haven’t seen you around much lately and I miss you. Who else can I direct my utterly unreasonable requests to? And don’t say Falcon. :slight_smile:

I’m still lurking on these forums, just been focusing on other things. Any unreasonable requests are best handled by CCP Falcon :slight_smile:


Can somebody tell me where should i look for viki on EVE items/objects & possible interactions with them? I mean, this game is clear sandbox, so there MUST be such data site somewhere. As such was at oficial site 'till past year.

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