65 Mil SP (Mostly subcap combat) Returning Player LF Sov Null

Hello Everyone,

I have been away from Eve for about 3 years. I see not much has changed sov wise. I am looking at playing casually. 10-20 hours a week. This is a lot of info but im trying to be honest and upfront about what i want and what i am willing to give. This way we dont waste each other’s time.

If interested reply here with something more than " talk to a recruiter on our discord" I took the time to craft a detailed resume, so to speak, about me. You can take 5 minutes to tell me more than 3 lines about what your offering and to join your public channel.

If you have questions ask here or if you want ask privately email me in game. If i like what you have to say then we can take it further. I am not in any hurry, I am perfectly content in learning how to not lose my ships with deadspace fits to common rats at the moment. I care more about the right corp than a corp.

If you can deal with most of this but not quite all of it, you can give it a shot anyway. I still might be interested, you never know.

A bit about me(not my main):

  • i have been back in game about a week. Think of me as a new old player trying to get back on the proverbial bike.
  • US CST
  • Early 40s, married, no kids. Own a business.
  • Played Eve since about early 2007 maybe. Off and on but mostly on.
  • Left Eve in early 2017 due to something game related but that was also personal.
  • I enjoy small and medium gang pvp, combat PVE, and exploring the most. I am not against participating in most activities.
  • I am introvert. If you do not know what that means, it basically means people drain my energy. Some people faster than others and some groups more than others. My energy is replenished with “me” time or “flying solo.”

A bit about my character:

  • 3rd character i have made and is currently my main. My original main no longer exists.
  • Was a generalist but has had to lean more into combat since becoming my main.
  • Flies most sub cap( up to 2017) Caldari and Amarr. Flies some minnie and gallente.
  • Pretty close( 1 or 2 months from sitting in a dread)to a dread. However, caps are not a priority train for me atm.
  • Can operate a mining barge( retriever i think), do some planet stuff, fly indys, cloaky stuff, run a corp, i have some leadership skills . i think most are 3 or 4.

What i am looking for/like/need( in no special order):

  • A sov holding corp/alliance in space other than drones that i can carebear it up in.
    *(Mostly) Drama free corp and alliance. Not looking for the Real Housewives of New Eden.
  • Corp/Alliance has to have logistics to and from Jita. That is how i fund my pew pew.
  • Im looking at 90% PVE/10% PVP( because i have to relearn a lot of things and then catch up on the stuff i missed) starting out and then maybe going as high as 50/50 depending on the type of pvp.
  • I want and need to be able to do my own thing even if there is a CTA or PVP or whatever. Remember, i have a business, so i deal with clients all the time. I cant always commit to PVP but i shouldnt need to give up playing just because i cant do what you want me to do.
  • I often stay logged in when i play and go do a site or kill some belt rats just to get a little break from work. Its much faster if im already logged in and can just check intel local and undock and go.
  • I like to go to high sec sometimes but i spend a majority( probably 90% on my main) in 0.0. I have other characters that manage the other parts of my Eve life, mostly.
  • Merc work is my favorite pvp i think, but i like roams , gate camps, and home defense as well. CTAs are ok as long as we are doing something and i can commit to them. Im ok with Campaigns as well as long as its not constant.
  • I get bored easy so i like to do a variety of things.
  • New pve experiences.
  • A group of people i can fly with in PVE or PVP but i also dont feel obligated to fly with( can do my own thing)
  • Flexibility.
  • Casual play. Looking for 10-20 hours a week typically between 0300 and 0600 eve time and sporadically during the day. I do not play at peak US time. I spend evenings with my wife.
  • Respect. Treat me like your corpmate whether you are a peon like me or the alliance leader and you will get the same. Treat me like an indentured servant and well…

What i offer:
*Honesty- You got it here,even if greatly narrows the people interested in me. i cant be bothered with lies( couldnt remember them if i did ask my wife) or secret motives.

  • Loyalty- I am loyal to the corp i am in and THEN the alliance i am in( usually depends on the moral path the corp is taking in a situation. I dislike thieves and cheats.)
    *Self Sufficient- I will NEVER ask or beg for ships, isks, or other forms of welfare. I make my own isk and sometimes when i get spend happy, i just sell PLEX. But i try to refrain from using plex to sustain my eve lifestyle. I also need the opportunity to make those isk.
    *Reasonable Corp/Alliance fits get priority training. Though i pick which of the approved fits/roles i want to fly. What do i mean by reasonable? If you are changing the fit completely every month or it requires some ridiculously long train/injections, etc. then that is ridiculous.
  • I am willing to try new activities or types of PVP( if there is some i havent done)
  • I do expect reimbursement for losses of approved fits on sanctioned activities.
  • I will participate in PVP when i have both the time and mental capacity to do so. No need to bribe or threaten me. I wont hide out and rat while our systems burn trying to get another couple hundred million before we are stuck in station. I will move ships and a clone to a campaign area( especially if its a merc contract)
  • I am willing to help others with their activities at times, if they need help.
  • I am willing to help corp with corp activities such as hauling ( indy and can do t2 covert), mining, rat removal, fueling, wormholes, mining, etc.
  • My main is a skilled trader so i expect to help stock the local market with needed items from Jita.
  • I havent played in like 3 years, so its a safe bet im not a spy. Hell i almost died to one of the new rats in high sec because i forgot what those orange shields were( hardeners). Also the last alliance i was in ( Chaos Theory) closed a couple of years ago it looks like.
  • I try to treat others as i want to be treated and how i feel i am being treated.

What i am NOT looking for:

  • Drone space- These may be the least interesting NPCs in ANY video game i have ever played. No thank you.
  • Renters- Sorry but renters are treated like garbage generally and tend to have a lot of stability and drama issues. Hard pass.
  • Corps/Alliances with a lot of rules. Im not 12 and you arent my parent. I dont need a bunch of silly rules governing my entertainment. Stop taking the game so seriously.
    *Nomads- i got stuff in over 200 stations( as far as i can remember), not interested in making it 300.
  • Wormhole space - This is a soft no. Not 100% against it though it would likely be something temporary. I did maintain an Astrahaus by myself in a class 2 for about 5 months before i quit playing. you might convince me.
  • Lowsec corp- another soft no. Probably not going to convince me. I like null but im not ruling it out.
  • Constant campaigns- While some might like that, i like to mix it up.
  • Unstable sov- If your a week away from evacing to high/low/ rented space temp because you are being evicted and probably going to lose, not interested. I dont want my first home back to be in a warzone.
    *Corps that set their taxes to 100%. during CTA/campaigns/ or other “forced” activities. I am not interested in these tactics. If you are a corp that does crap like this, you.are.definitely. not for me. Im not interested in being “forced” to do something by trying to prevent me from doing everything else.
  • Being on comms when i dont need to be. I dont play MMOs necessarily to socialize. I play them because people add a level of unpredictability that you cannot get out of an AI. I will socialize some, but its not friday night at the Pub. BTW i have a friend with a microbrewery/pub 5 min from my house so he has you beat there for social hour. I can think of nothing i rather hear less of then randos talking about rando stuff while im trying to relax. If i wanted that his pub is excellent for people watching. So if comms are not required for my activity, im not going to be on them.
  • Voice comms. I dont talk on voice( rarely). I work from home and my wife works right above my office and sleeps right next to it. I take most of my calls out in the garage because she has a pretty important job in corporate America and im just a peon small business owner and my house has excellent acoustics ( 18 ft vaulted ceilings open concept) . I can fart in the basement bathroom and she can hear me in her 2nd story office. I drop a spoon on the kitchen floor and it sounds like i dropped the microwave to a person upstairs.
  • FCs who yell and curse people on comms. I was in Atlas and -A-, ive had my fill of that. Im not interested in following a psychopath with anger issues into battle.

I think that is about it. If you made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read. Whether you consider replying or not, i at least hope i entertained you.

EDIT: Id like to add Chaos Theory was probably my favorite time in EVE. We held space(GoTG) but also did Merc work. They were fast and efficient at getting us into action and back out. Show up for a merc roam, leave within 5 min of on time work our contract for 45 min to 90 minutes, dock up and call it a trips.

In Atlas and -A-, i would log in for a CTA. Sit in station for an hour. Undock, fly to a bridge, jump to another system, fly 10 more jumps, wait at a POS for an hour. Move 5 jumps to another system. Warp around the system for about 30 minutes, then take the long way home trying to catch indies and ratters heading back with our 200 man roam. And that was a GOOD CTA. More than once Bobby Atlas made us sit in station for more than 6 hours and be ready only to say " not fighting today!" And then wonder why they couldnt get people to show up.

So PVP wise i want to lean towards a Chaos Theory and away from Atlas.

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Come and have a chat with us mate

Very well written. Good luck in your endeavors.

Hey Bud, Little about us :
Trigger Happy.
Most active and fun pvp corp
Active in EUTZ and USTZ
Good isk making
Active fights and daily FUN!!!
Fun and learning environment
Active corp and alliance ops daily
Mail me in-game or dm on discord at Jason K’Night#5456 if you any more questions for me.

Other than this more benefits come from we are not as big or blobby as some alliance so we flier better and often more intensely fit and fced ships to try to overcome that. Have great fleets and lots of fun and no matter what always have someone to shoot with our blue list being next to non-existent!!!

I really like what you have written there. You may fit into our small group of experienced pilots. We are an EST tz group of players who play together on a nightly basis.

Led by a board of directors with 20 years of combined experience navigating the breadth of the cluster, Solar Winds Trade Conglomerate (SW-TC) is widely respected for its ability to deliver projects on-schedule, under budget and with complementary killmails. Currently operating out of sovereign null security space, we are focused on supporting ongoing alliance operations by providing the following services:

· Military-Industrial Logistics Support
· Tactical Asset Deployment
· Aggressive Negotiation Services
· J-sig Security Consultation
· Targeted Intelligence Procurement

Founded on the principle that the group is only as strong its members, SW-TC is seeking to grow its small but dedicated team of operatives.
One of our recruiters would like to interview you today to see if you are a good fit for our organization. As an applicant you will be considered based on prior experience and industry-standard aptitude evaluation results.

Thanks for your time considering our offer of application.

-Director of Personnel and Public Relations

Discord https://discord.gg/huYu3JJ

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