68.5 Mil SP MAX Rorqual Pilot+ 50 BILLION ISK

(DooCTooR) #1


Positive Sec Status
Positve Wallet
Rorq skins!
Remap available
Very focused skills for Rorqs + Processing
Neutral Corp!
No Kill Rights
Amsen VI - Moon 1 - Science and Trade Institute School Location.
Buyout 50 BIL. ---- Cheap! Anything below is considered a free bump. I’m not accepting lower, WILL NOT.

Will transfer as soon as isk is recieved.

(DooCTooR) #2

Going to take a nap for a few hours. If no bites, I’ll just extract when I wake up. Extraction value is 40bil+ not including a free cyno alt I gain, and not having to pay a 20$ transfer fee.

Thanks :slight_smile:

(DooCTooR) #3

Last call -50 billion isk! Or I’ll be extracting!

(DooCTooR) #4

Online now and ready to transfer

(DooCTooR) #5

Please delete post. Character will be extracted

(L0CAL H3R0) #6

50B b/o

(Anja Nukky) #7

sold or ?

(DooCTooR) #8


(system) #9

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