7.5m SP Bomber Drop Alt - Cyno V

(Sara Espion) #1

Looking to sell myself.

EVEBOARD Link (1234)

+Sec Status

Looking for at least 6 bill, though please make an offer.

(Josh Shihari) #2


(Sara Espion) #3

updated OP with password

(Sara Espion) #4


(Josh Shihari) #5

what price are you looking for?

(Guillejejeje XDD) #6

i can buy it right now tell me the buy out price please

(Sara Espion) #7

looking for at least 6 bill, updating OP

(Sara Espion) #8

Daily boop

(Sara Espion) #9

Another boop

(Woxanne) #10

i’ll start you at 6

(Sara Espion) #11

If no one outbids you in 48h I will accept that.

(Sara Espion) #12

Offer accepted, waiting for ISK transfer.

(Sara Espion) #13

Bump - still looking for a buyer.

(t6rvf v) #14

We have agreed on a b/o ingame, I have transferred isk and given account name ingame.

(Sara Espion) #15

confirming ISK received and b/o accepted

(system) #16

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