7.5M SP Caldari Gunner 2008 Character!

(Aourica) #1


Character is readily available as of now, Comes with BC, positive wallet, positive sec status. Almost all faction standings are at .8 or higher except for guristas.

First reasonable offer takes it.

(Aourica) #2

Will take offers over the next 24hrs highest offer will take it.

(rewinside Onren) #3

1b, or free bumb

(Aourica) #4

First bid of 3B or higher Takes it.

(Cnda Adian) #5

3bil then

(Aourica) #6

Offer accepted i am online now

(Cnda Adian) #7

Ok. Isk and account name have been sent.

(Aourica) #8

Accepted, starting transfer now.

(system) #9

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