7.6m SP Pure Orca Pilot

Selling Jawz.


Character recently cooked up with spare skills. Orca star. Moving toward Rorqual.

  • 0.0 sec status
    • wallet
  • In Jita
  • In NPC
  • No rights

6.5b BO

Password: orca


Sorry about that. Password added to OP.


2B bid

Europa - While I can appreciate that we aren’t in the best market, the extactable skills alone are worth more than 2b. On top of that, this isn’t a farm character, it’s a max yield Orca pilot.

Thanks for the offer, but please refrain from further lowballs.

2b is actually slightly higher than the current value for 2.6m omega SP

Thank you for the bumps, but absolutely not.

BO is 6.5b. Reasonable offers will be considered. This character is for someone who needs a dedicated 8m sp Orca pilot, not a farmer or discount hunter.

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Offering a reasonable 5.0B.
Jawz will be used for genuine mining fleet support.

Cheers. BO accepted. Please send ISK and account name in game.

Cool, sending you EVE mail and isk in just a few moments.

EVE mail with account name sent.
ISK sent.

ISK received and character transferred. Enjoy.

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