75m SP Main + 18m SP Alt. Looking for USTZ Wormhole Home

The most fun I’ve had in this time sync we call EVE is wormholes. I have capital skills on my main, but have never been able to use them. I’d like to try to mix the two and find a home in some high class space, however, I have been away QUITE awhile and need to be stroked (giggity) back into the routine.

I work 6 days a week while maintaining a life outside of EVE but I plan on being online quite a bit as well. Currently both accounts are Alpha but can be switched over to Omega as soon as I find a new home.

Some highlights about my characters:

  • Can fly Minmatar/Amarr Carriers/FAUX’s
  • Extremely close to T2 Triage
  • Can fly Redeemer
  • JDC 5
  • Recon 5
  • All Cruisers 5
  • Great weapon skills (gunnery/missiles/drones)
  • Can both shield/armor tank effectively


  • Cyno 5
  • Cloaky Hauler
  • Rattlesnake bro (for duoing)
  • Has trading skills I can extract to get T2 Triage ASAP or T2 Siege sooner on main.

Basically, I’m looking to make friends. I love to PVP and make dem iskies, but I really want to have fun and enjoy the people I’m around. I’m pretty easy going and am willing to take direction.

If you think I may fit, reply here or message/convo me in game!

If you are interested in Nullsec PVP look no further then Naliao Inc in Black Legion. https://discord.gg/P94UGcB

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