7M Skillpoint Cool named for sell


Im selling my alt She has a cool name .


(TheBank Manager) #2



sold will transfer after work

(TheBank Manager) #4

isk and info send



(TheBank Manager) #6

thank you,

(Sarah Baxter) #7

you never put the account name in the mail…

(TheBank Manager) #8

you dun ■■■■■■ up now…


sorry new to this :slight_smile:

(Sarah Baxter) #10

lol lol lol

i say you never put your email or account in public in the forum.


ty for looking out


take care of my girl :slight_smile:

(TheBank Manager) #13

not recieved char on account i gave up …

(Nandea) #14

@SEXBUCK If u see u have done a mistake in the post edit it or remove it…


it was a mistake my papal did not work im correcting the mistake will be done by in the morning im sorry did not see it till late .and again i apologize .

(TheBank Manager) #16

still no character recieved // buy 1000 plex and send character

(Nandea) #17

@TheBank_Manager If not received mail within next 10h i would recommend petioning it too CCP to clear it up.

(TheBank Manager) #18

petition has been made, still no response after 2 days

(system) #19

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