8 Golden Rules for EVE Online

These are not rules. They are SUGGESTIONS. Suggestions for personal rules…or better yet…personal guidelines. EVE itself does not have in-game rules. It has mechanics.

I never was a fan of guideline number one. You can afford to lose ANYTHING. Its a game. You started from practically zero once, you can do that again. The question is if you can emotionally handle a certain loss, particularly in any possible purely in-game situation. If you can’t, well maybe don’t fly that ship or fly with that mod, rig or implant…don’t even make or buy it!

I will also add a ninth guideline. 9: You CANNOT die. Even if you think you died, you didn’t. You will be resurrected. You are immortal. So stop worrying about your flesh cage getting blown up except to try and not give loser thugs the satisfaction.

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“If you lose stuff, it’s almost always your fault. Really, only yours.”…no it isn’t. Its the fault of whoever blew it up or took it…CLEARLY. But its their play style. And blowing your stuff up is the only thing some people know how to do or even enjoy.

BUT what is also true is that there was most surely a way you could have avoided that and stole their fun, so learn and don’t let them do that to you again. The more you learn to avoid getting blown up, the more people who only understanding blowing stuff up will cry. And they cry all over this forum about how hard it is to blow stuff up…every day.

So: Its not your fault you lose stuff…but it is your fault you didn’t avoid it, because you could have.

Basically, never trust anyone.

When you undock you consent to PvP is a lot like saying, when you walk out side to go to work, you consent to being robbed and killed. lol

At any rate, I like all of this and it is a great wall of golden rules for the newbro to know. Should be given to all newbro’s when they first start playing.

No, robbing is forbidden, but ganking and fighting according to the rules isn’t.
So you accept the rules related to space travel by undocking, which includes PvP.

And @Ridley_Rohan: If you lose stuff, it is your fault, because the other guy played by the rules. The same way as losing a pawn in chess is your own fault.

What about Rorquals?

Even yourself. :thinking:

It’s definitely not… lol

Not talking about space pixels. Gotta read all:

In most parts of the world it IS forbidden.

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Perhaps you should reread what you said instead of trying to change goalposts…


Pleased to make you happy. I hope you were able to attach your ass again.
It is not too hard to understand when you follow the discussion, but if you are that desperate, I wish to apologize for my inaccuracy.

The post I answered to was about RL robbery: So my statment should read like this:
"No, robbing (in RL the way you described, because the word “robbery” is virtually not used in EVE ) is forbidden, but ganking and fighting according to the rules (must be game rules, because “rules” in RL are called “law”) isn’t.
So you accept the rules related to space travel by undocking, which includes PvP (If you are still puzzled: I’m not talking about NASA and SpaceX).

Got it? Great!

So what we are saying here in the “rules of eve” is that “Psychopathic criminal sociopathic behavior is not only encouraged but rewarded” …Got it.

Euhhh… it is more “your morality is your own” and “it is a game like chess or Starcraft… learn what you mechanically can or cannot do and if tactic is not explicitly disallowed, use it to your advantage.”

The whole idea that people should behave similarly to how people conduct themselves in the real world or that the mechanics should enforce real world sensibilities has always been laughable to me.

If you want to play the contemporary “good guy” then good on you. That is is simply how you wish to play. But don’t expect others to do the same.
And that is what makes EVE interesting.

The “Golden Rules of EVE” are simply guidelines and FYI notes to help people ease into the environment and plan accordingly. A “heads up” if you will.


Well, no.
Antisocial behaviour is not rewarded. Awoxxing can be fun from time to time, but burning all bridges will not help you enjoying this game. But it’s not forbidden, that’s true :slight_smile:
Sandbox - just give it a try!

There is no such thing as overkill.

Golden Rules Of EVE

Number ??
If you have a technical issue with eve CCP is only after your money not help you.
expect delays on getting tickets answered to the point you will forget you ever submitted them.


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They are pretty wicked little machines at that.

a) There is no PVP in EVE. Fortunately PVE is very good.
b) There is no realism in EVE.
c) don’t believe 99% of the hype for the game its nothing more than pointless exaggeration
d) Its not you the game in unnecessary complex but still not complex enough
e) EVE players are far nicer than they want you to believe (probably the least toxic community I ever being a member of )
f) there is ton of enjoyable stuff to do in game, find what suits you best
g) Dont fly what you cannot afford to lose unless you enjoy seeing it going boom
h) Making isk is nowhere near as important as it may seem
i) Dont suffer plexing your account go omega
j) Player corps and team playing is overated , EVE is far more enjoyable solo. Don’t listen to rumors you don need to join payer corps they need you more than you need them but if that’s your thing go for it. Solo is not for everyone.
k) if something is too good to be true it probably is
l) go afk all you want it have its benefits even when you count it the costs of losing ships because you afk. Just understand the risk vs reward before doing it.
m) The best way to defeat troll is to ignore them