8 Golden Rules for EVE Online

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I hope i broke all of them.
Better dead than red.

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That is why I prefer both. Taking pros and cons. Both ways.

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Thought that the above post would appear below a certain message. It makes some sense there.

I like eve. It is like real life, but with more spaceships, and fewer guns.

This is an adult game, with adult themes and drunken silly antics. If you like a challenge and are willing to spend a while being hopeless and oblivious to many aspects of the game- then this might be a great game for you.

Winning in EvE is not about money, wars, or plexing 10 accounts. It is about understanding the game enough to set and meet self set goals and challenges.

CCP didn’t make eve alone, every player is also part of this universe. When you play eve, you are playing with all of these other kids in the sandpit. Some kids like to sit on their own and dig a big hole. But other kids might occasionally bump into them whilst playing football. No specific malice, not worth crying over. If you run away with their football, they might chase you and bury you in sand. Or ask you to play with them.

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Rule number 0… ENJOY THE F… KING GAME… HAVE FUN MAKING FRIENDS AND ENEMIES, that is the true heart of Eve Online

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Golden Rule N° 1 broken:

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Dear newbros, this is why you’d better follow those rules:

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LOLOLOLOL, that’s exactly why you need to follow those rules to protect yourself!!!

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It’s easier to not play and cry on the forums of a game you hate :sweat_smile:

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Judging from the replies you should add “If you don’t agree with PvP, play a different game”.
I mean sure, go ahead, i heard MMOs only get better the less players there are.
Terrific how much self destructive power lies within this community.

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The game is built on having a working economy.

A working economy needs to have ways to create demand. Blowing stuff up is the way to create demand.

CCP should really make a better job at explaining that all assets are expendable and should be used as such.

But yeah, if you are not comfortable with losing your space ships, then eve is a bad match for you since losing ships is an essential part of the game. Because of this, eve will always be a niche game and we are fine with that. However, we are not fine with people jumping on to the forums and whining about changing the game into something it is not.

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It’s a game.
It’s a fun game.
It’s a fun game, because the value of the ships and systems you build and use costs you real effort on your part and on the parts of your compatriots. This gives your activites a feeling of weight. This gives you a real feeling of accomplishment when you make progress towards tour goals.
It’s a fun game, because you and what you’ve built are never truly secure. You could lose it. It’s exceedingly rare that you will lose it to something other than another player. That feeling of dread and panic when you and your progress come under fire adds so much to this game. EvE feels real, because woven into all of its complexity is a fundamental theme of pvp.

I like that kind of game. It’s not for everyone, and that’s okay with me.
I can’t get into League, or WoW, or really any of the other mmo’s that I’ve tried. Everything you build is safe or temporal. When you die, you respawn. Maybe you need to go buy repairs, but you’ve just been mildly inconvenienced. Heck, until classic WoW gets re-released, there is really no pvp to be found in that juggernaut of an mmo.
Win or lose, it doesn’t matter, and I don’t care.

EvE’s brutal nature makes me care.
Judging by the proposed December change to wardecs, CCP wants me to keep caring while they make the game less brutal.

It just doesn’t work that way, and I wish they could see that.

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Everyone can scam - and so can you

Never grant corporation rights to stuff you can’t afford to lose either. No exceptions.
People offering free stuff? Probably traps. Be cautious.
Free stuff usually isn’t. Not even minerals you mine yourself.
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Paranoia pays off here. Double-check everything.
Scamming and unethical behavior some would consider griefing is not only allowed, it is encouraged and rewarded by the game mechanics.
Harassment or real-life threats are not ok, and you can get a shiny ban for them. Learn the difference.

In i game where official representative makes it clear that scam is good. im out!

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Don’t let the door hit you on your way out :joy:

Can I have your stuff btw?

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no give me your stuff i’ll double it for you