8 Golden Rules for EVE Online

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #166

You want to understand the nature or the game? Go play a month on sisi, alone, and tell us about your experience.

(Lord Bartok) #167

Great advice for all players! Took me a long time to learn these rules and not make exceptions Thanks for posting

(Jathis) #168

The mechanics of the game are not set upon the individual, but the avatar, therefore all in Eve is virtual and therefore does not benefit from real life rules. Q.E.D

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this is not true, there is no trial anymore :smiley:

(Concil Burdingshire) #170

Good day fellow pod people.

I am returning to EVE after nearly 7 years. I piloted almost daily for 18 months through late 2017, and left with a well fitted (at the time) Harbinger. I also have a decent frigate and destroyer.

My last day in Dock before now, I was flying with my little corp, mining the last of the ore we needed to purchase our first Orca. I was in my EXTREMELY limited hauler, I think it was a Bestoer, that I had just barely enough skill to fly. I knew this was a dangerous time to fly, but I had my crew with me and I felt relatively safe in midsec. As soon as we transferred our last cargo to our Corp Exec, he disappeared. Moments later, a heavily armed capital ship warped in, blasted all of us to dust, and cleared out the loot. In voice chat we heard our “leader” laughing his head off.

This is what is referred to as “scamming” in EVE. Our corp leader ran a 7 month long con. In RL, we helped him pay for his account when “his money got tight”. We contributed ALL of our mining output and a large portion of our ISK to the corp. He laughed all the way to the bank.

I rage-quit and did not return until last Tuesday. I loved the people, the mechanics, even the drama. It took nearly a decade for me to bleed off enough resentment to return.

Bottom line, EVE is a different place. It is NOT for everyone. Problem is, there is nothing else remotely like it available anywhere. I looked. The things that make it so frustrating are the things that make it unique. Change any little thing, and it will impact everything else. I would LOVE to find the guy that ganked me and make him pay, (in space of course) but if he is still around he is tough enough to take on a small fleet by himself.

Thank you for keeping EVE alive long enough for me to grow up and get over it. I’ll see you in space.

Fly Safe.


(Boldly Gone) #171

Another EVE Rule I learned throughout the months here in New Eden: Don’t think your loss is expensive. Others will laugh in pity about a killboard entry which means the world to yourself but would be a minor itch for them.

(Underwater Sunlight) #172

3 golden rules for eve:

Always fly something you can’t afford to lose. It’s exciting.

Always play eve whilst naked.

Never listen to anyone who tells you how you must play the game.

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EvE has clothes?

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Either you sit naked in front of your screen, or you should take a naked clone which means no expensive plugins. Both has pros and cons :wink:

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I’d say that your frustration is certainly reasonable. It’s not always easy to realize that you’re being conned and often being conned is even harder to accept. I haven’t played for a while either and interestingly it’s because of this:

Some of the changes that make the game unique are also the things that cause a flux and flow of the player base. So to add to this part of your comment, I’d tell new players to ensure they don’t burn themselves out. It was so easy for me to get committed to meeting that next milestone, regardless of the type of gameplay I was engaging in.

If I wanted to make a ton of ISK, I spent all my time in the market (or the huge number of other ways to earn it). When that got boring I would focus on maxing out that one ship only to not fly it much, if at all. Perhaps I wanted to spend a ton of time participating in “regional evictions” (i.e. scrubbing it up with free kills), I would do that until I was just sitting around for hours doing nothing because there was no fight.

The one thing that I never burned out on was being part of a bomber squad. I know people hated hot drops but when we weren’t just hot dropping people we were actually talking about how to function well in combat ops. It taught me how to lose a ship gracefully.

All of this to say that investing our time into multiple disciplines within EVE is extremely hard when the skill system punishes us for that to a degree. This way, when we do inevitably get conned, scammed, or just dropped on we can be prepared game wise. Being prepared to get screwed over seems like a crappy thing to have to deal with but, when I think about it, I have to do that whenever I play any type of survival game. Usually, those games have zombies in them; maybe in an odd way, this is a zombie game too. Sometimes it just feeds on our brains!

EDIT: Emoji added for reacting to srs bznz. :expressionless: | Also, some grammar/punctuation issues.

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Hey all, newbie here, old space traveler from another universe! What I
dislike is killing newbies without any chance to defend themselves and
ganking random people (I mean to attack a lone pilot with many people,
or when overpowered experienced “ace”, after careful scanning victim,
blew up someone without a chance of a fightback). Please, explain, where
is the honor in that? Peace :slight_smile:

(Boldly Gone) #177

You will see if you do it yourself.
I try to figure it out for myself: Fighting in a group is much more promising, so you join one. And then you don’t really reflect about your victims. A Vexor in lowsec is just prey.
And sometimes I am the prey. Pray for my Citadel reinforcement timer this weekend, the killboard of the guys who brought it down to hull is really disheartening :flushed:

But: Real competition is the best trainer. Every gank is more a lesson than a loss.
The pack of wolves choses the weakest prey. Are they unfair? Be strong, learn to avoid or counter, and they don’t gank you that much any more.

(Sydney Andrews) #178

Have you ever seen that video where the pack of orca killer whales gang up on that cute little seal and knock him off the ice block, and then eat him…
Welcome to Eve. :stuck_out_tongue:

As stated from @Boldly_Gone, every loss is a lesson. I have only been playing for 4 months and I have 3 lessons that I have learned the hard way:

  • Exploded while mining in HS. Lesson: HS is not as safe as you think it is.
  • Exploded while running an agent mission in LS. Lesson: even though I am in a mission nowhere near any celestials… combat scanners. Use D-Scan and always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Exploded while data hacking in LS. Lesson: Be aligned to warp. I saw him on D-Scan, but it was too late for me to get out before he scrammed me.

Also, contact your attacker. If you dont come off angry or salty (which is what they probably want) they may give you info on how they got you. More lessons to learn, YAY! :slight_smile:

But yea, honor? Meh. It’s pretty much kinda like the strong over the weak bullying. Some days are better than others, it just takes time. I still have loads of fun though. I like the fact that I’m in a universe that is in constant state of war. Keeps things exciting!

And maybe, just maybe, one day, I’ll get me a kill on the killboard! :tada:

Have an awesome day!

(Frank Truck) #179

I like to wear disposable rubber gloves while in Jita…

(Ima Wreckyou) #180

EVE is a sandbox the bad guys as well as the “honorable” good guys are players. The game would be pretty boring if there where only good guys.

BTW, it is actually pretty rare that a new player gets shot or robed as they have simply nothing of value.

Also don’t let yourself discourage by the thought that everyone could shoot you. If you are concerned that you can’t decide if you do something right or if you take on too much risk simply ask on this forums and people will gladly help you.

With time you will realize that it is exactly this ever present danger or also possibilities is what makes EVE so deep, special and real.

(Lunaspell) #181

@Sydney_Andrews :slight_smile: nicely written :slight_smile: and very true. o7

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Okay, so to the consent thing — it’s true that consent is actually consent when there’s a real way to say no. But I’d argue that you do have this ability in this case, and furthermore it’s a mutual thing — in this case, if you refuse to consent to PvP, CCP refuses to provide you with an experience. That’s the game CCP, and other Eve players, want to play with you. Purely PvE is not what CCP wants to play with you, so if that’s your requirement, Eve’s out.

Yes, such an agreement might still not count as your “consent” if your ability to say “no” was ineffective. This is where things get all messy and complicated, so to make a very synthetic but clear example:

Imagine someone controls (somehow) all food supply. They can provide you with food, but only will do so if you agree to getting punched in the face. In such a situation, you don’t really consent, because your survival is dependent on saying “yes”, therefore making refusal ineffective.

Now, while I’d argue entertainment is a fairly essential need, is “denying you Eve” something that can count as similar leverage? I don’t really think so — there are other space games, and while the experience of Eve is unique, telling you “play something else then” does not mean you’re going to rot out of boredom. And there are plenty of purely PvE games out there, so the experience you want is available.

Another possibility would be if CCP was somehow deceitful — but they’re pretty clear and, during the tutorials, almost boringly insistent, that you’re going to get shot by other players.

There are cases plenty in current world where either of these rules is violated — good luck avoiding sharing data with Google, and GDPR notices are notoriously misleading. But, that’s both a topic for a far bigger discussion, and not what CCP is in this case doing (plz drop Google Tag Manager, tho).

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This has turned into a mess.

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Ignore anyone who says Eve has Golden Rules.