8 Golden Rules for EVE Online

(Awesome Possum) #144

then you disagree with a core tenant of the game and shouldn’t play.


(Dom Arkaral) #145

I think he already quit :stuck_out_tongue:

(DrysonBennington) #146

Rule #1: Set the CODE Alliance to - 10 Red the very first thing that you do before you undock.

(Mad Librarian) #147

Here is an extended version with a lot of r/eve commentary thrown into it… here to share the wisdom.

(Xar Xorgoth) #148

Informative thread, thanks!

(Nico Boru) #149

Yes, by being there in public he consents that life will happen. But a cup would be a passive tank. An active tank would be where he catches your foot.

(Nacira Askari) #150

And now, because of all of you guys : I fear the Undock button ! The sentence “I might explode” is carved in my brain…
Thanks ! <3

(Boldly Gone) #151

Well, have no fear but respect. Think about some preparations before undocking:

  • Is the local chat running havoc? Many flashies?
  • Is that particular ship active I want to undock?
  • Is everything on the ship I want to transport (cargo, ammo, MTU, crystals, drones), is it fitted?
  • Have I read mission details and ACCEPTED?
  • Have I set the course to order warping directly after undock? Or is my insta-warp bookmark easy to reach?
  • In situations PvP is likely: Insurance? Expensive Clone?

But on the other hand: It’s much more thrilling to check that after undocking in Jita within fireworks and bumping.

(Dinglebert Humperthwank) #153

I don’t remember reading anything that either suggests or implies that greenies have a “right” to some expectation. Your obvious catachresis is disingenuous at best, trolling at worst.

Jasmine made a simple statement. Nowhere does she say nor even slightly imply that there is some “right to refuse consent” for newcomers where pvp is concerned.

If you enjoy that kind of specious, ‘leading’ midden, how about these:

  • List item-Everyone can scam - and so can you .
  • Scamming and unethical behavior some would consider griefing is not only allowed, it is encouraged and rewarded by the game mechanics.

Conclusions? Well, scamming and making game-play for other players un-enjoyable is encouraged. F**k you, new players. Love, Eveonline. :heart_eyes:

Also, since unethical behaviour is encouraged, utilizing Isk sellers and the like is perfectly OK. It’s unethical as hell, but unethicality has just been clearly rubber-stamped and encouraged. Also, rewards for cheating are somehow available via the game mechanics.

Finally, and my favourite part:

" Free stuff usually isn’t. Not even minerals you mine yourself."

Those minerals you just got? You didn’t mine that.

That ship that just finished up in the factory? You know, the one that cost you days or even weeks of mining and collecting? You didn’t build that.

That station you spent months getting together the prints and the resources to deploy? You didn’t assemble that.

Youll pardon my random, ‘Barack Obama’ flashback.

All these “8 Golden Rules” really say is, "Want to play a fun space game with unparalleled mechanics and details that will blow your mind? Want a game that provides hours of unrestricted enjoyment just doing your thing? This isn’t it. Move along. No one at all save internet griefers and other lowlife bullying trash need apply. In fairness, I do hope Eve provides an outlet for people whom might otherwise be beating their spouse or kicking their dog.

This game is designed and constructed make you spend RL cash. There is no other mmo game in existence that uses that philosophy as it’s primary function.

Well, unless you like farmville. Lol I pass on that ■■■■, too.

But anyway, thanks Bros and Sis’s, ( probably also bros.) You have convinced me that I’ve made a horrible mistake and should just stick to other, more honest games.

Feel free to flame me now. I ain’t gonna see it and I don’t care. Peace out, rare weirdo who isn’t a douche nozzle.

(Black Pedro) #154

That is the subtext of her post: she insinuates she does not consent to play a PvP game when she undocks, which of course she cannot do as this is a PvP game. With that phrasing she is asserting that the other player needs her permission to engage her imaginary spaceships, which is of course folly. Such permission is implied when she undocks, as the Golden Rules make clear.

But why waste time on these semantics? Both you, I and Jasmine there all seem to agree that non-consensual PvP is a core part of the game. I honestly don’t care how you want to phrase it, as long as it is clear to a new player that the other players in this video game don’t need your permission to PvP with you and can thus theoretically shoot you any time you undock. I think the Golden Rule makes that clear, so I don’t think this quibbling is at all helpful.

Come now, you are just being silly. It is a complete logical fallacy to claim that since some “unethical” behaviour is allowed by the open sandbox nature of the game, everything goes. But more to your point, ISK selling/buying is perfectly ok in Eve, as long as you used the CCP sanctioned method of trading PLEX to do it.

I am glad you finally figured out that Eve isn’t the game for you. It isn’t for everyone, and there are plenty of other games out there that will let you do you own thing immune from the other players (or don’t even have other players at all) and will always reward you with progress.

Fly safe, wherever you end up. o7

(Boldly Gone) #155

More honest? Or more comfortable? Most lies base on comfort.
Eve is brutally honest, but the truth is not always on your side.

What did you do, mortgage your house for EvE? Leave your family? If not, it was just trial and error. Enjoy what you do, if you don’t like EvE, just don’t play. I tried egoshooters, millions love them, but I’m too slow or whatever, so I don’t like them - but that does not mean I have to tell the CoD fans in their own forum about their crappy game - in fact it’s awesome, but just not my style.

Anyway, thanks for being honest and have a nice life.

(Dom Arkaral) #156

#468 -
If you get killed by gankers, or anyone that’s better than you, make a forum post crying about it and asking for a Nerf


(Vipsan Agrippa) #157

The forums are part of the greater meta game. If you want something changed: ie Ganking. Demand it be nerfed or buffed. Don’t be intimidated, or drowned out by Bitter old vets, or Ganktards who cant PvP in Lowsec. ( coz they are tooooo scared an need Concords protection in HiSec. ) Don’t let anyone impose their playstyle on YOU. This is all the Eve game, inGame and Forums.

These are YOUR Forums NOOBs n NewBros!

(Magnus Witchspace) #158

You’ve clearly never played chess at any competitive level.

(Magnus Witchspace) #159

The golden rule of eve is that there are no golden rules. Never listen to the forum automatons. There are so many fun things to do in Eve that don’t get mentioned by the forum bots. Get in there and discover. Do your own thing that nobody else is doing. The game is that rich.

(Magnus Witchspace) #160

Gankers are not better than anyone. Ganking is entry-level Eve and it’s certainly not pvp.

(Boldly Gone) #161

Because there are brawls at every major tournament?
Get used to lose ships, as you get used to lose chess pieces.
But anyway, I never claimed to be a chess pro :slight_smile: Tell us what’s wrong with that idea.

So what’s your definition of PvP?
Player vs. Player - Ganker versus careless, clueless, or risk loving victim. Perfect PvP and a important part of the game to keep your eyes open.

(Dom Arkaral) #162

If it weren’t pvp you wouldn’t have people complaining about it daily :wink:

(Magnus Witchspace) #163

Okay, yes technically ganking is PVP. I guess my comments were my thoughts after watching this video on PVP:

(Flopp Khamez) #164

One of the rules is : create loads of alts do multiscreen login and this is how they do it !!