8 Golden Rules for EVE Online

@Boldly_Gone You obviously did not read my entire post and that is really about all that needs said. I have argued with guys that insist you got punched because your face was where they didn’t think it should be and NO, a warning was not even necessary, but I am tired of arguing with people who seem to say whatever for the joy of being contrarian or stiff arming people with wild BS…and people who don’t read full posts.

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LOL, tired, after 4 months?

It’s EVE, get punched and learn how to punch or how to actively avoid being punched.


@Boldly_Gone Well that was an interesting back pedal. Thanks.

More like a lifetime. The cycle of idiocy and trolling hardly begins or ends in this thread.


Whilst I agree with the fundamental rules of EVE the use of explicit consent is inaccurate. PVP is implicitly implied meaning “whether you want it or not”.

You consent to PvP when you click login.

I hope you try to fight off the invasion with dead space fits. Nothing will keep you safe, not anymore :slight_smile:

True, even a station can die :laughing:

So, even though when I’m in a ship and click undock, even though my screen is on blackout, i’m Just supposed to sit and take a loss of half a bill? That just happened, I had no notification, no sounds of attack, nothing. Undocked in a ship, black screen, when screen came up, I was in my pod! That’s not right. Not what I signed up for, and part of the games problem is you and everyone else just accepting it! Not going to argue, just my opinion, and since i’m Paying my money, I get my say! U have your opinion, I have mine. Goodbye and good luck with your game.

Yeah…must be the game’s fault…

The game made you put 433 million in a completely untanked Iteron V T1 transport and undock blissfully from jita…

So even if computers, networks, and computer games were perfect, that was a pretty bad move.

Since after undocking from a station one has 30 seconds of invulnerability unless one does something to break that, and you were destroyed by a solo gank Tornado, one suspects there is more to your story.
fron the EvE University Uniwiki:

" Station undock invulnerability timer

Whenever you undock from a station there’s a hidden timer that makes you a ghost, for lack of a better word, for 30 seconds or until you move, activate a module or target someone. While in this ghost-like state you’re practically “invulnerable” ; you cannot be locked and cannot bump against other ships, intentionally or not.

While most actions break this “invulnerability” you can still press Ctrl + Space to stop your ship (or use the button on your HUD right next to your speed bar) while keeping your ghost-like status. This can allow you to undock, remain protected and wait out the Session Change Timer and dock back up before the “invulnerability” wears off.

Be aware that there are stations, so called “kick-out” stations that have such a small docking range that even if you immediately stop your ship you’ll be too far away from the station to immediately dock up again. For those stations you’d be forced to turn around and move back towards the docking ring, which will give the enemy ample time to lock and attack you."

If the problem was indeed an abnormal issue caused by the game, then you would have legitimate reason to submit a support ticket…but I think only the ship loss would be reimbursed, not the cargo…and since you chose to load an untanked <2 million isk T1 transport ship with 433 million isk in cargo…probably not going to matter to you most. If the problem was on your end, you’re simply out of luck I’m afraid. We can’t really expect a game company to take the responsibility for all of our possible internet/computer issues, can we?

Bye Cloee, I hope you find a game to your liking. o/

Far as I know, there’s no way to insure cargo in New Eden, including support tickets.

Of course there is; there is a whole game mechanic built around that:

recently was dueling with friend to practice pvp. we agree to go into 50% armor… lost my hurricane, but hunter lost his kikimora he could not replace kikimora while i could replace hurricane. yes we broke golden rule of eve and we got shiny punishment.

I think I needed this heh.

I went over 37 jumps through null on auto FYI 1 person actually shot at the VIP’s, promise it had nothing to do with me though

As long as you are aware that ships get ganked in eve, as soon as you click “undock” you give concent to pvp.

It’s your fault for even attempting to play this. Eve is a money pit that rewards only death in the long run. You will spend a lot of time waiting and relying on others who don’t care about you. Try anything yourself and you would have just as much fun clicking the self destruct button every day for 15 a month.


Ah yes…the same old kind of refrain blubbered out by those who don’t get eve and refuse to learn it. The song of your people has been wailed out many times. Yep…it’s the game, it’s other people, yadda yadda.

was about to re sub to play the game…see that the mind-set hasn’t changed. no wonder the game can’t get 6 digit actual online players. i’m not saying that whole game should be carebear-centric. but there should be somewhere new players can operate without constantly being blown up. if i’m paying $15/mo. and have to remain docked 90% of the time because campers hang outside the station…i’ll stop paying the $15.
another thing i find interesting i read somewhere there are 25K to 30k people online where half of them are alts…that mean 10k to 15k actual people playing. something should be done to make the game more attractive. it is a business after all and i’m sure there can be a happy medium for new players and vets alike.

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Eve is not your game. Maybe Tetris?


Can you link us this “somewhere” that you read this statistic from?