8 Golden Rules for EVE Online

Every other MMO out there makes every single one of their million+ players to feel like “the hero” of the world. How dystopian and fake is that? A fantasy world filled with 1 million characters who “are destined to be The Hero of The Realm”.

Eve Online cuts through that coddly crap and simply says: you are who you are. Your actions will always wind up with your “reputation” of “good/bad” to be… well, a more realistic gritty fantasy. Instead of a coddly soft and fluffly fantasy with everyone frolicking in Alpine meadows holding hands shouting at each other “no you’re the hero of the realm” bull :poop:.

To some you are a villain, to others a friend. Up to your wits to navigate and sort everyone else out.

You can be whoever you want to be. You can try to be the “savior” of some group of players. People will naturally dislike you, and you will have real player enemies. You can call them “villains” and they can call you “villains”. That’s what keeps the game going: player rivalries, motivations, and imposing their will on an uncaring grimdark dystopic future.


Yes, but one person’s freedom fighter is another person’s terrorist. It is your job to convince others you’re “the good guy” – and people will naturally be skeptical of you, because everyone is claiming to be “the good guy” in a world where very little stops them from blowing up your ship. The game just doesn’t hand you a label of “Level 1 Hero Destined To Save The Whole Universe”. It is more mature than those childish delusional MMO zero-dimensional stories.


I really like how EveOnline we are not the hero or centre of attention.

You are correct, this game is not for snowflakes.

I beg to differ, but align with your sentiment.

There is no adventure without adversity
it is our fellows that provide the challenge
daunting as an exclusive competitive university
makes such ventures worthy alonge

successful or not, your mettle will be tested
schooled with allies or failure alone

A underestimated currency in EVE is time. A lost ship is every day’s business, but there’s millions of ships sitting in stations never used again because the chars are not active any more.
For a PvP player, the most thrilling fight is a somewhat fair fight. So we need experienced players on both sides. Be aware that every player has been a newbro at some time, only very few are playing longer than 15 years. So there’s ways to advance, and soon it’s you getting used to kill noobs for fun.

Yeah, they are very good at killing… Na, just kidding.
There’s miners, industrialists, explorers, haulers, even wormhole rescue squads. There’s players venturing into each and every system of New Eden trying not to be killed. There’s fireworks parades and speed races. There’s players dedicated to show new players how to have fun in New Eden.
Yes, in New Eden there’s plenty of “good guys” and gals.

The 8 rules are picked and written down here to create a feeling of what’s normal in the game. Losing a ship is not dying, it’s just a destroyed sand castle. Well, there’s very elaborated sandcastles for which you’ve had invested much time to build. But you are still there and able to build a new one, different one, even better one. But if you are afraid of losing sand castles, you should avoid crowded sandboxes - New Eden has much space for everyone.


And one last best rule/advice - not play this shitty game, you will keep your health and time for more interesting games and matters. Leave this hell to those aggressive and disturbed who no longer hope for health.

There you go.

Now, can I have your stuff?

You will come back, you will see… until then.

Oh dear.

Someone lost a pixilated spaceship and is having a meltdown over video game.

Your safe space is calling you.

aren’t that golden rules for Life?
if one has a meltdown over any of those, they seriously need to look what happen to IRL :wink:

Never fly something (or with something in the cargo) you can’t afford to lose

just like IRL, don’t buy the newest iPhone just because you want it.

You consent to PvP when you click “undock”.

Consent is probably the wrong word in general, but if you do leave your IRL house, there is a chance that you meet someone on the foothpath that isn’t to your liking and maybe even not abiding the law (woo yea that’s a thing in IRL)

Everyone can scam

the Nigerian prince said it’s not a scam! :wink:

Experience matters, not ISK or Skills

in IRL there is somethings called the 10000 Hour rule,
and having money (or daddies amex), doesn’t make you smarter :wink:


Bye Bye Iphone


Hull Upgrades 5 Mechanics 5 and Sheild Management 5. You will last a little longer in any hostile environment. Meaning you have longer to shoot at the other guy. Thank me later.

I know this thread is old as heck, but here’s my meme suggestion: every time you undock, you get a pop up that asks if you consent to pvp, and if you click no, it deletes your whole account.


You then have a popup asking if Zaera can have all your stuff

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One Golden rule could be never tell the Ganker witch know how much you could really afford

1 billion ISK

9th EVE golden rule:

“Always have a drake ready to bring if the FC allows it.”


Yes - the FC should make all the noobs bring along drakes, for a laugh. As their fleet pop one by one, they will wonder why they lost and why they didn’t manage to kill a damn thing.

Clearly one of the great FCs.

Frosty. If you don’t want to fund the Princess’s lavish lifestyle, which to be honest is pretty mean of you; you could put your ISK to good use by giving it to my favourite charity - ME .

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You are not in the loop so best keep out of it….
Did you not read my evemail the other month?