8 Golden Rules for EVE Online

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pretty sure you can’t say that for the whole game, (that would be the same as saying a certain city is a Sh$thole, just because you ben to a dark back-ally)

pvp wise, most of lowsec can be alot of fun, and the honourable pirates/gankers make it a challenge to kill you with somethings much smaller than what you flying, because that takes skill.

sure there are other places where they shoot newbies in ventures with Tech3 Pen$s enlargements and feel good about themselfs, but they thats just how life is, not everyone is a nice person.

i learned the most about PvP from those honerable gankers, sure you die alot, but you learn somethings too, if one act like a human being past puberty and not like 4 year old child.

EVE Online: the one MMO you can’t and shouldn’t compare to any other MMO.

Yep, EVE Online is officially dying since 2003.
That’s rule #29

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