8 Golden Rules for EVE Online

(ISD Stall) #63

The problem with that, is that the NPE is there to tell people how to fly a ship, fit a weapon, shoot at someone and how to get a new ship when you die.

For a new player the New Player Experience (NPE) can be quite long and overwhelming so adding to it with things that are not so necessary may not be a good thing. That being said, you could make the suggestion here: https://meta.eveonline.com/t/new-tutorial-feedback-comments/3984/10 .

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #64

My Golden Rule?

Patience is the only virtue in EvE. Everything else is negotiable.

(Gadget Helmsdottir) #65

Cash for ISK and SP’s make even patience negotiable. :sweat_smile:

–Deal-Maker Gadget

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #66

Patience is the only virtue in EvE. Everything else is negotiable.

Fixed it :smiley:

(Rina Asanari) #67

The essence of the rules are:

  • Watch your back, because there can (and usually will) be someone there to put a knife in it
  • Don’t get too attached to your possessions and ships, because everytime you undock, there is a chance to lose them. Always. Everywhere.
  • If the ship paid its worth in ISK (mined and sold enough ore/salvage/loot, enough mission rewards or bounties, or got its cost back in trade revenues), it’s a good day. Everything on top of it is a bonus.

Why do kids beat up other kids? Because they can. Why do players suicide gank other players, even if it accounts for a net loss on their side (ganker’s ship value vs. victim’s ship and cargo value)? Because they can.

If you can shrug it off, have your ship fitting saved and a replacement up in a jiffy, it’s fine. If you can’t, better ship out, it’s not worth getting an ulcer over it.

(Drake Sertan) #68

The rules of Eve Online:

There are no rules.

(Corwin Dnari) #69

This is not logical. It is also not true. It is a fact that when you undock, even in high sec, you might be attacked and your ship blown up. This is a fact that every capsuleer has to recognize. Which is why we tell newbies about it. It is not a fact that undocking implicitly or explicity grants permission (“consents”) to being attacked. It is a mistake to say otherwise.

(Jonah Gravenstein) #70

I never said it explicitly grants permission or consent for others to attack you, I said that it implies that you do, this is known as implied consent.

Playing any PvP game, of which Eve is one, implies that you consent to PvP.

(Corwin Dnari) #71

So you claim. I disagree. If the game were nothing but PvP, I would agree.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #72

But everything is PvP since every resource gathered is a resource someone else cannot gather, every item sold at market impacts the price of like objects, every rat has a bounty that someone else will want etc etc.

If you undock you agree to the opportunity for someone to attack you by the act of doing so. That is an intrinsic part of the game.

(Jonah Gravenstein) #73

The game IS nothing but PvP. Every single activity in Eve is designed to either put you in competition with other players, or to put other players in competition with each other.

(Corwin Dnari) #74

Pedant. By “PvP” I mean “spaceship combat”.

(Jonah Gravenstein) #75

The only definition of PvP that matters here isn’t yours, it’s CCP’s.


(Blade Darth) #76

Market pvp is a thing as well so technically you agree to pvp when logging in xD

(Jori McKie) #77

I was going to explain why PvP isn’t only spaceship violence but Jonah Gravenstein and Blade Darth more or less beat me to it. Anyway usually PvP is associated with spaceships being shot that’s fine but there is an another aspect.
As Jonah Gravenstein said

The game IS nothing but PvP. Every single activity in Eve is designed to either put you in competition with other players, or to put other players in competition with each other.

This is especially true for the market, selling and buying resources. The market in EVE is unique almost everything is build or gathered together by players. With this in mind the market with its traders and producers is most likely the biggest PvP arena ever but also the most hidden one.

This triggered me and why i write this, spaceship violence is obvious and you feel the loss immediatly but that is nothing compared to the market in EVE but nobody complains about it. Although you are most likely being ripped off on a daily basis if you have no idea what you are doing.

As a new player in EVE inform and educated yourself by reading or asking other players about the stuff you are interested in. In case you don’t get a sufficient answer dig deeper check/experience the information/answer ingame for yourself. Crosscheck the information/answer you got via google.

The truth is the most loudmouth player in EVE telling you they know best are the most clueless ones just like in reallife. The more any player is telling you this is the only way to play EVE the more you shouldn’t trust him at all.

(William Ormono) #78

Wow, the “8 Golden Rules for Eve Online” discussion has really been drowned out by the “what constitutes PvP” discussion.

Will it make me unpopular if I say I don’t care what anyone’s definition of PvP is, nor do I feel it warrants much (if any) discussion?

(Gadget Helmsdottir) #79

Shots Fired!

–Instigator Gadget

(Black Pedro) #80

Not really. Unless you came to this thread to nitpick the Golden Rules and argue that they enable psychopathy or something. In fact, if you think the OP is reasonable advice to give new players and in keeping with the spirit of the game, I’d say you’d earn some high-fives!


(Kaizmo) #81

These rules are definitely pretty accurate. Usually I am doing stuff in a WH, but today I decided to do some L3 missions in Simela(trying to reach L4 capability). After awhile of doing these missions, I notice a looter was coming into my area. Now of course at first I was a bit annoyed, but then I found it amusing. There were npc hostiles left and so I ended up warping out so he would have to deal with them.

Of course he ended up getting my hobgoblin t2’s because I stupidly forgotten em, but I tried again by destroying those hostiles and looting/salvaging. Next thing I knew he was in the next area with me and this time I took my hobgoblins and waited till spider drones were summoned from npc’s and then I warped again for him to deal with it. He really did not get much and it was a way for me to fight back since I was not going to get killed, in case it was a trap, in my drake(of course they seemed to not be able to fight, so I denied them things too).

I just went and did something else back at the WH. The whole thing was kind of amusing really since I never had it happen to me, I mean my natural instinct was to strike back at them for stealing stuff since I am sure I could outgun em, but I had to fight that urge.

Basically PVP is not just 2 players trying to outgun each other, but it can also be outsmarting each other. I am in no way a person who likes to gun others and in fact am mostly a WH carebear(trying to get into pvp). When we go out into high sec because some of the people there do high sec industry, we learned about the general route of mining gankers and we tend to get defense up if we mine out in the dead end areas.


PvP is not just about outgunning, but it can also involve outsmarting or knowing when to pull away(and leaving them to fight off the hostiles). It can be keeping off the radar of those that wish to hunt you. Hell it can be just being able to rip off another player in the market. Every action that is going against a player is considered pvp.

(Rina Asanari) #82

That’s the thing many people seem to miss. If you read about the big fleet engagements, for example, do you read the prelude leading up to them as well? More often than not they do contain a history of false intel, moles or outright betrayal. Often enough it’s social engineering, sleuthing or straight out skulduggery that effectively did the most damage to others rather than the shots fired.