8 Golden Rules for EVE Online


That’s just as well, because there’s no such thing as consensual PvP in EvE, whether you want to fight or not - what ever the security of the space you’re in, I will blow you up whether you consent to it or not.

(Duo Roman) #84

I’ll name my ship “Nuts Kicker”, thanks for the inspiration.

(ISD Stall) #85

The issue with your logic there is that Assault is illegal. Killing someone in Eve never has been, instead it is encouraged.

(Duo Roman) #86

It’s not my logic, I just think the comparison is beyond ridiculous but funny.

(William Ormono) #87

To be fair, it wasn’t @Duo_Roman who said this. He was quoting @Alessienne_Ellecon.


(ISD Stall) #88

My apologies, apparently it is hard for me to quote people when I haven’t had enough sleep. Who knew :slight_smile:

(Duo Roman) #89

Appologies accepted :+1:
Lack of sleep :facepalm: may cause serious damage to your internet persona though, I suggest some Quafe Ultra to help in keeping awake.

By the way, we need Quafe emojis.

(TheGrayJester Preston) #90

Is this not how it should be? I sure wouldn’t want to live my life relying on others to keep me safe at all times. A guy smarter than all of us wrote a very interesting essay once called Self Reliance. It’s pretty informative. People would do well to read it.

I have recently come back to Eve after several years absence, so long that in fact I have no remembrance of my last character’s name, much less the info to log back into him; however, I intend to play now as I did back then–mainly as an industrial/mining character with no real interest at all in pvp. I do realize though, that pvp is absolutely a core component of the game and I have to “keep my head on a swivel” anytime I’m bebopping around in space. To play with any other expectation from the game is ridiculous.

(William Ormono) #91

Off topic question: If you don’t remember the info to log your toon in, how are you here in the forums posting with your character?

(Gadget Helmsdottir) #92

Alpha clone. New free account.

–Guessing Gadget

(William Ormono) #93

Good guess. Probably should have guessed that myself. Looks like it’s time for some more coffee to get those brain cells working again.

(Krystel Amkalai) #94

Another one:
any question that starts with “What is the best…” is ALWAYS answered with “It depends…”

(Dom Arkaral) #95

Unless the question is “what’d the best way of disposing of my assets?”

The answer to that one will always to send me all your stuff :wink:

(Tiddle Jr) #96

i’d say the sooner you lost your first blingy fitted flying asset the faster you start using your brains.

Rookie Griefing
(Jasmine Deer) #97

I will certainly keep that in mind if I ever again come across a sea of wrecks from a RvB fight.

(Ptraci) #98

People who have trouble differentiating real life from an online game should be taking medication not playing EVE Online.

(Zig Zigg) #99

a very good description sir - i completely agree

(Subdolus Venator) #100

As I recall from Lo! Those many years ago! Commerce is PvP too - So, as soon as you log in, you’re in combat, even if you stayed docked up. It all just a question of what type of combat you engage.

(John AO1Bell) #101

Oh my god, what did i just read??? The rules are standard EVE rules every corp should send new pilots their first day in the Corp. Secondly, it’s a game people…My 3 year old killboard is full of “lessons”. Next time i won’t mine there, or at that time, or with that fit, etc…Sometimes pirates attack and you will not have a chance, that’s why you save isk and ship hulls for a rainy day. Well thats a half hour i’ll never get back…I think Farmville is still around, maybe you guys should go play it for a while.

(Alysse TheRouge) #102

I have try a site from the new event with the quartermaster with a frigs and got blow up pretty fast. As an alpha that was my choice to try it with that fit and see how the site work. It’s call experimenting. And about ISD Stall quote “By undocking you open yourself up the possibility of being attacked and killed by other players” you shoud add and/or NPC. :slight_smile: