8 Golden Rules for EVE Online

(Dirty Divison) #103

@ISD_Athechu good to know :ok_hand:

(Tiddle Jr) #104

You did try really hard getting killed by NPC.

(Tiddle Jr) #105

Sure … Excuse me what are you about?

(Ely Vsky) #107

So, socially speaking is a biiiig ball of ■■■■??? no… I have found quite good kind of people, even when I do not keep contact with them… In my first 15 day of alfa I´ve beeing murdered twice, its a great game, it is not a shooter with inmediat respawn… fortunately

Ely Vsky

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Minor but important correction I think…

(Ely Vsky) #109

It was an elegant way to call me YOU… NOOOOOOOOOOB… and yes… that is correct Sr.

I set 22 jumps path… went for a coffee and the MURDER took place about the jump 12 when I was strugleing with the coffee machine…

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #110

I’m thinking there should be Rule #9: Autopilot is NOT your friend…

(Ely Vsky) #111

Please … tell me that there is an easier and faster way to do 22 jumps??? and yes… I find it quite annoying to click 987430897 times in order to complete that trip

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #112

Faster is to do it manually, fit your ship for speed in warp/faster align time. Or use an interceptor set up for fast travel (taxiceptor is a great term). There is no easy/safe combination :smiley:

(Boldly Gone) #113

22 Jumps is about 26 clicks. Set the course in Autopilot (3 clicks), chose “jump” after clicking on the next system (top left of the screen) and wait for the ship to warp directly to the gate where it automatically jumps without idling around. Repeat 21 times. In the destination system chose “dock” at the empty square beneath the system name.
If you take a shuttle, you’ll warp quite quickly. With an industrial or cruiser it takes way longer, not mentioning bigger ships.

(Dom Arkaral) #114

Except you’re forgetting that the 26 clicks will save you more often than not

Edit: a word

(yellow parasol) #115

that’s the spirit! :slight_smile:

(Raithskar Regyri) #116

Well just my thoughts on this , I have now been playing eve as an alpha for 2 months now and have lost many ships in the process due to my lack of experience and not paying attention to what was going on before i died. These are a couple of things i have learned;

  1. Never go on autopiliot… your chances are that you will get ganked, destroyed and even podded will increase,
  2. Always be aware of local keep your one good eye on it at all times so you have time to react if things go wrong.
  3. Learn your overveiw{ very important}
  4. Practice with your ship in a relatively safe area{ lol}
  5. Design your ship with a specfic goal in mind - mining, pve, pvp or hauling etc.
  6. Understand that this game actually reflects human nature; greed, power etc even kindness.
  7. Remember this is a game only.
  8. Learn from your mistakes and victories.
    Anyway just my thoughts on this- this game is very well done and even though i have lost millions of isk i still like to play,“By undocking you open yourself up the possibility of being attacked and killed by other players”
    Thank you for reading this.

(Ely Vsky) #117

Iit is huge game, full of details, some of them very useful, such as manually warping, I learned to do it over the map window, seting wartp to 0km, then right clicking on the very next waypoint then selecting warp…

It has been a before and after, as some told me, it is faster, safer.

A lot of things to be learned

(Sparrow Letov) #118

I’m honestly amazed that even the newest noob doesn’t know to avoid using autopilot. Never, never NEVER use autopilot! This advice is all over forums everywhere! It will be obvious to anyone watching (like a gate camper) that you’re on autopilot and probably afk. It’s sort of like asking for euthanasia. If you’ve set your destination, then your next waypoint will be highlighted in your overview and easy to see. You can “warp to zero” then right-click on the star gate when you get to it, and jump. I just did 22 jumps yesterday, and it didn’t take much more than half an hour. I’d say autopilot would have doubled that time, but the truth is that I may not have made it at all, as the route went through a couple of notorious systems and a trade hub. Also, fly the fastest thing you can. I often use a shuttle. I have faster ships, but shuttles are quick and nimble, and also very cheap. :slight_smile:

(Tiddle Jr) #119

Autopilot is fine nevertheless people are highly doubt about it. I’d say don’t use AP if you moving any valuable cargo in a ship which is on the gank list (haulers etc.)

the situation you should abuse using AP if you got a set or any variation of imps and decided to long jump in a egg.

(Ely Vsky) #120

that make us NOOOOOOOOOOOBS, and as NOOOOOOOOOBS we are we ask NOOOOOOOOOOBS questions :smiley:

(Boldly Gone) #121

Well, I like the Autopilot, at least its navigation computer part. It shows me efficient routes and tells me which system/gate/station is next in track (yellow brick road). I even can set highsec or nearest. What I avoid is let him do the travelling :slight_smile:

(Scath Bererund) #122

Profit is king.

If there is profit in it people will do it.

Lets say it costs 10mil to gank your ship and then die to concord. If you drop more than 10mil in loot there is a profit.

In highsec the best way to avoid being ganked is to tank your ship in such a way that it would cost more to kill it and then die ti concord than the gankers could ever get in loot

(Boldly Gone) #123

Many gankers just kill for fun or take an opportunity. Many lost Ventures who were ganked by destroyers prove you wrong.