80.6 Mill SP INDY guy for sale

Almost perfect PI skills
Perfect Mining with Exhumer 5
Refining most ores perectly except the moon ores, but they are in queue
Perfect Exploration skills and can fly Astero with both frig skills at level 5.
Perfect Rigging and Targeting skills
Perfect Armor and shield skills
Perfect Cap skills.

In short, if you need a miner and refiner, you will want this guy.

Can also run 10 lab jobs simultaneously.

2 clones with implants for mining and exploration

1st clone has standard improved set in the first 5 slots and 6% propectors in 6,7,8 salvaging 5% and prospector environmental analysis in slot 10

2nd clone has standard improve in slots 1-5.
Beancounter research 806 slot 6
Beancounter Metallurgy MY-705 slot 7
Beancounter reprocessing RX-804 slot 8
Neural Lace 'Blackglass" Net Intrusion 920-40 slot 9
Yeti Ice Harvesting IH1005 slot 10.

Have 5 research agents level 4 running.

Great standings with both Amarr and Caldari.
Can enter any space.

Great social skills for mission running.

All in All a great indy character.

I will accept decent offers. So please, submit them :slight_smile:


65b offer

Sure why not. I’m online now.

Mail sent.

Isk and account info sent.

Transfer Done. Isk Recieved.

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