82m SP Almost perfect Super Pilot

BigVix - 82m SP


Password: 1234

  • Character Located in Perimeter.
  • Positive Sec.
  • Positive Wallet.
  • No Killrights.
  • Bonus Remap Available.
  • All CCP Rules Apply.

Skill Highlights

  • Capital Ships V
  • Gallente Carrier V
  • Minmatar Carrier V
  • Caldari Carrier V
  • Amarr Carrier V
  • All Relevant Navigation Skills V
  • All Relevant Armor/Shield Skills V
  • Heavy Fighters V


  • HG Ascendancy Set with Slot 7-10 Hardwirings (Nano Super Pod)
  • MG Amulet Set with Slot 7,8,10 Hardwirings
  • MG Crystal Set with Slot 7-10 Hardwirings

Starting Bid: 65b
Buyout: 72.5b

Confirming I am for sale!

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50b offer

@Vinny_DaMini Thanks for the offer, but i’m looking for more :slight_smile:


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what you are looking for than?

@Vinny_DaMini Sorry was away for a few days. It says at the bottom of the post what I want for the character “Buyout: 77.5b”



60 bil Offer

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Bump! :sun_with_face: lowered buyout to 75b!

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