83m JF Covops & Industry character

Closing thread for lack of interest.

Not selling myself, this character has been asleep for 6 years.
I can fly up to Legion and Paladin
Industrials: Viator, Ark and Orca.

I can build up to Ark (t2) and other capitals.
I am wearing Ice harvesting implants

Positive wallet, no kill rights
Jump clones / Clones located in Amarr
Character docked in Amarr

BO 83b

Thread reopened

Still open to offers!
Clone in Jita and Implanted clone in Amarr

Make me an offer i should not refuse :wink:

Offer 45b

Thanks for the bid looking for a bit more.
Something above extraction value preferably.

Last call for bidders above skill extraction value, closing in 48 hours :slight_smile:

Offer rescinded .

Sent you an evemail.

Closing thread for lac of interest.

please post skills, i may be interested in paying extract price + some extra if its of my liking