85m sp, 500k unalocated, PVP, FleetBooster, hics, phenix / nag, carriers

Private sale of this character.

In a neut / starter CORP (api is slow to refresh)
Positive ISK wallet, around 15mil isk remaining.
No kill rights
Located in JITA 4-4
Several jump clones in NULL
84.956.000 skillpoints
552.119 unallocated skill points

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50b offer

Already have private 75bil offer. Just need the original offer to post in this thread to claim it.

did you sold it?

Original offer owner has not yet posted here to claim his purchase…

I will be looking into new offers for this character.

offer 50b then

Original buyer has bailed on the deal. I will now be accepting offers.
Current highest offer is 65bil for the character.


56 b/o offer



70 bil

I can agree to 70 bilion for it. Offer accepted.

ISK and info sent.

ISK received and account transfer started.
Thank you for your purchase.

Transferring to ****
Will be completed after 9/19/2023 7:22:36 AM