92 mil sp player looking for a WH corp


im a 32 y.o. guy looking for a tight c4 wh community with c3 and c5 statics. Im mainly a PVE guy with a love for cloaky hunting. Can probably fly most ships you want me to (no triglavians yet - just a matter of time). I work a lot, so im rather looking for a chilled group, its difficult for me to take part in long pvp fleets (home stuff etc) but id rly love to take part in cloaky hunting and defending the hole. I dont care about losing stuff, have plenty of isk to lose. Im self sufficient, know how to make money.

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why C4-C3-C5? Interested in possibly trying C5-C5?

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Same, if u have aiming that low…
Why not just go for a proper C5-C5 corp.

Most of em have a pvp first attitude but almost any of em are chill.

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I know you were particularly looking for a 4 3-5, however if you’re interested in a 5-5 corp that’s the new kid on the block, Squid Squad. is recruiting. https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98611357/

We’re more PvP focused than anything and we’re pretty chill, there’s stuff going on justabout every night. If you’re interested at all you can hop in our discord and ask some questions, otherwise I may suggest Singularity Syndicate, or Viper Sovereign for C4 corps.

Hey what time-zone are you in?
We are very content in our C4 with those statics!
Docked and Loaded Zkill

We are a bit more US TZ however our EU guys are super active
We enjoy hanging out and hunting, feel free to swing by our Discord and say hi :upside_down_face:

Hey, you sound like youre right up our alley, check out are recruitment post

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I recommend em, excellent corp.

Hello @Dizzy_Dave

We are a super ACTIVE WH Corp/Alliance. The high class guys above made some good points, but we do LIVE in a C4 C3/C5 space. We conduct our entire ALLIANCE Operations from that location with style. If you haven’t already got settled in, come be a part of something great…

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC Executive Council

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