97m sp tengu/loki/covert ops pilot


Subcapital pilot

4 Jump clones
Wallet 0
Remaps: 2
Assets: none

The selling strictly according to forum rules.

500k unallocated sp

BO 90b

70 offer

I will consider it if I get no other bids

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73 bid

Would you consider 80b BO?

75 I’m ready now

77b and deal?

any update?

Ok, give me 5 min, I’m sending you 75 bil

should be 75 not 85 as agreed

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Sent isk and account details in transaction

I received the isk but dont got the account name where I should send the character. Please provide info via private ingame mail

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sent ingame mail

Yeah, got it now, xsfer is in progress now, should be completed in 10h

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