98mil SP Pilot Looking for Corp

Looking for an active High-Sec PVE Corp in or near the Aokinen constellation in Black Rise. English is my primary language. Discord capable. Operate in US Eastern Time Zone. Primary activities include Lvl4 missions, WH exploration, and solo emerging conduits. Mining/Industry alt is also available for recruitment. Recruitment inquiries can be posted here or sent through in game mail to FilthE Casual or Lowly Random.

Join us in our public chat
We can hopefully answer all of your questions
Chat: RPR public

Thanks I’ll have a look. Although your office is 28 jumps out.

Hey FilthE,

I have my C5 system that I have setup shop in and I’m looking for an experienced partner to make money with. Currently printing 2B an hour by myself and there’s room for another pilot in here. I fly every day in USTZ 00:00-05:00 and focused on making isk and possibly small scale wormhole fights that I can do with a partner. WHs aren’t for everyone but if you’re interested and adventurous then this could be your thing.

Let me know,

C5 isn’t really what I’m looking for. But thank you for the offer anyway.

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