99+ unfixed bugs over one year

i applyed volunteer over 3m, but nothing fixed
i know some bugs not over one year. let me wait. if they fix anyone, i will strat trt to translate in the forums and complete write “properties or a bug”
i’m not proficient in english, if you can describe the bug more accurately please reply
BIG bugs
cant log Help Center account by log in old account by steam(havent try epic)
cant jump ansiblex with autopilot(四个月后终于修了,但今天本地又坏了,很好的修复)
reset list will out of window sothat cant use, in game use esc you will see the window
small bugs
bookmarks never change text colour like the past few years
ui bugs, many diffient bugs
autopilot closed itself
select another language will not auto reboot game
the grapha will always black when you dock
the text size will reset after you change some set
most time, randomly, when jumping into new system while having an autopilot route set (but not autopilot enabled), the next destination will not show up automatically in “Selected Item” window.
20. When jump or dock is done while at the same time selecting one of the options of a dropdown menu in any UI (for example choosing contract length when making a contract) the dropdown menu will close (understandable) and will be locked completely (a bug). You won’t be able to choose from it anymore until you reset the whole UI containing this element.
i dont know if it fixed or not
local channel
wrong path
cant lock with broadcast, so i just to use overview
the game crash maybe clear your all setting saved in your computer
i dont know it’s a properties or a bug, and there age, i know it will not fixed so i dont white
20+baby bugs
30+child bugs
30+young bugs

now i know how slow the cpp is in many other things, so i planning to do other project in the same time, you can give me help:
remake “eve online careees graph”
translate all in chinese
chinese eve course 星痕的EVE教程 · 语雀


Latest annoyance: Set Desto/Add Waypoint in the Asset Window resets the scroll state of the window, which is extremely helpful when you want to setup a route with tons of waypoints. Like really helpful.


If you email me in game maybe we could discuss working together on this?


This is another bug (50+) list…

which project?

Exactly what they quoted. The eve career graph. They are remaking it

actually i dont want do this, i try but its hard to link each other now, i dont have good idea
where to get release, is it starting?

Evemail @Mu_ad_Diib im sure they can just remake the basic one with chinese translation for you without all the links that they are doing for an updated version.

Ccp didnt create the career graph, that was player made

my friends still have launcher bug in the last month’s version
but my launcher will auto update and this bug is already fixed
how can i help them

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