A big influx of players from Korea means

… more people are going to PLEX their accounts.

I don’t know the exact numbers,
but it was a few thousand people.

They’re Koreans, which means they definitely are going to PLEX their accounts.
Probably sooner rather than later.

It’s actually too bad CCP didn’t deliver at EVE Vegas, making the crowd happy …
… but on the other side there’s at least still time to hoard cheap PLEX for the inevitable.

I’m curious why you think this.

Also, a big influx of players from Korea also means a lot of people are going to buy PLEX to sell for ISK on the market.

Yea. how were you able to conclude that an influx of new players means an increased demand of PLEX while forgetting that it also increases supply of PLEX?

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Korea has the biggest budget digital games events in the world, why you think many will plex? Many of them throw a lot of cash into digital games&sports afaik?

Pretty sure that’s actually China.

Also, just because some gaming events for hugely popular video games are big does not necessarily mean that the individual players who play eve are wealthy or rich. This is a pretty poor connection.

How dare you accuse the TYRANNATOR of making pretty poor connections. Just wait until I vaporize your spaceship :joy:

Well, first and foremost because so many people in general try to achieve this.

Then multiply that by the fact that they’re Koreans,
which means they’re mostly going to be hardcore gamers,
which means they’re going to put the willpower and dedication into it.

Then there’s their unity. Redditors talked about how big amounts of Koreans are farming relic sites in null to make isk. As soon as someone figured out a way to easily make stable boatloads, others will follow. Or maybe they’re already working on that, because all necessary information is out there anyway.

Considering that ISK is one of the most important resources,
making sure of a stable influx of ISK is one of the top priorities.

I simply expect nothing less from a big group of hardcore gamers.

Now allow me the opposite:

Why would you think they’re not going to plex their accounts when they can?

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