A call for peace between the Empires (A change of Faction Warfare)

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It has been nearly 10 years since the Empires have declared war. Caldari and Amarr locked in a battle verses Gallente and Minmatar. Over this period of time we have seen countless lives lost and many trillions of ISK worth of assets destroyed. Also during this time we have seen the emboldenment of many of the pirate factions of New Eden, with some of them going so far as to launch attacks within “High Security” Space. Whats more, we have encountered new and still not understood threats such as the Drifters.

The changing dynamic of power threatens the core worlds in a way that has never before seen since the introduction of Capsuleer technology. I would call upon the four main empires of New Eden to set aside this nearly decade long conflict and work to reforge the bonds of peace, so that these other threats can be given their proper attention and commitment of resources.

To those who serve or have served in the militias however, your task is still not finished. With these new threats, we must be ever vigilant and continuously train and prepare to face these tasks. Therefore I would call upon the empires to reclassify the contested areas that have been fought over for so long as jointly shared systems, which the militias can use to conduct wargames, to continue to hone their skills and earn recognition within their respective empires ranks, so that when the time is right, they can use those skills to strike a decisive blow against whatever faction may threaten us in the future, be it pirate, drifter, sleeper, or some other yet undiscovered threat.

Empires of New Eden, I implore you to seek peace. Caldari State, Gallente Federation, Minmatar Republic and the Amarr Empire, all four of you have forged an organization that has to this day stood against the test of time, However I fear if you continue down this road, your respective organizations will be unprepared when the next threat reveals itself and it may be then that the capsuleers who you have relied on for so long to maintain the balance, may be unable to succeed. Together united alongside us capsuleers I believe we can succeed against any foe.

Tl-dr : War has gone on long enough with no real gain for the empires, Peace should be declared so a period of recovery can begin and lead to a greater period of prosperity. The current Faction Warfare system can be adjusted slightly to represent this and call it a wargame rather than a faction war. No Mechanics really need to be adjusted so anyone who is still participating in these can still continue to enjoy them as is. Though this progression of the EVE story could also open up new mechanics and challenges for those who participate in them. I just think the Empire Wars have gone on for far too long and its time to move forward in peace.

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Less RP and more idea in the “player features and ideas” thread please.


Wait… so… you took 5 paragraphs to say “I want to rename Faction Warfare to Faction Wargames”?

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The idea behind it wasn’t so much just to simply rename one aspect of the game but to open up the door to the possibility of new content down the line as the Empires join forces against other threats and capsuleers would have new ways to help in their favored empires such as donating resources to “rebuild” It would breathe new life into something that in my opinion has been a bit stale for several years now.

The change I am proposing would open a new Chapter in the EVE Online Lore and history and allow for alot of potentially interesting things to be introduced to the game down the line.

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Also known as CONCORD. Besides, why do they need to team up when the capsuleers are more than happy to do whatever pays enough?

Calling it a “wargame” instead of “warfare” does nothing to spice things up. If it’s stale, change the mechanics. Grabbing a can of spraypaint and painting your dog green does nothing to improve the level of fun you have playing fetch, once the initial mirth wears off.

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CONCORD doesn’t prevent the Empires from fighting with each other.

As for the change in name as I said before is more about opening the door to new changes and experiences in a galaxy where the four main empires are once again working together, Perhaps we can have something that allows capsuleers to drop a new structure or deployable in one of the currently Contested areas in order to draw a Sansha Incursion to that specific area. Or perhaps pirate factions would take advantage of these change and renew their presence in these areas which would make it more profitable to control these areas by having higher bounty ships to take out when not doing PvP. There are dozens of different things that could be introduced in the name of empire cooperation rather than them fighting one another. And yes these could be still introduced without changing FW in the slightest, but it just seems to me that the fact the four major empires of the game have been technically at war with each other for nearly a decade now and there hasn’t been all that much change in the landscape of high sec / empire low sec during that time. If the empire wars should continue, there should be some more large scale changes. High-Sec systems falling to opposing empires, we could see the Amarr Empire or the Gallente Federation’s space reduced and have capsuleers react to that sort of shift, but if an empire loses space, it adds more and more to defend its remaining systems. As I said, there are dozens of different ways you could go about making this particular game mechanic different other than changing its name. I would just prefer to see something happen with it that can take it into a new direction. Having the Empires declare peace would do just that in my opinion.

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Or you can ignore the page and a half of RP ■■■■■■■■ and say “hey these badguys are really bad, we’re gonna work together to squish them before we go back to infighting”.

You don’t need an RP reason to add some massive event. Look at the BR shipyards, the new NPC frigate thing that I just learned about today, etc. Sure they had some lore, but you don’t need any of it for 99% of Eve players to say “yay new content”.

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Quite true. I just feel its nice to have some sort of continuation of the EVE Online story when a new feature is announced. Prior to the release of Faction Warfare, there was alot of really well done story bits in the form of The Scope news broadcasts that highlighted some of the events that sparked the wars, and there was some excellent coverage of some of the first several months but then it just died and has been fairly stagnant ever since, but as far as I can tell theres no real end game plan for that mechanic. Are the empires destined to stay at war forever with no hope of peace in sight? or could they make peace? it is a story aspect of EVE that really attracted me to the game back then when it was more common, it made me feel like I was apart of this living breathing galaxy that was advertised.

I can understand why many would prefer ignore the “RP” and just do what is most fun and/or most profitable, and the story can be secondary, and in many arguments that is far more important than the story, but at the same time it makes sense in some cases to include a continuously growing story as that is what EVE has been advertised as being a game for doing for yourself, so show new players that they are not apart of a stagnating game by showing them. I do not want to see that aspect of the game that I fell in love with die.

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Lol what war, Caldari been beat back to Jita for what? 2 years now?

Also what you mean for no gain? Gallente be running around in monocle plated VNI’s… and don’t think for a second Amarr doin any better… dunno how you can have any slaves if you don’t own any space to put them.

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Peace? The game’s heading towards more fights between factions. Just wait!

■■■■ peace! Kill everyone!

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Meh they are just clones…

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He might be talking about baseliners, but then he should be raging about UpWell structures…

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However some may want to think it doesn’t. and make it don’t, tide goes back and forth in FW. Over years, up and down, up and down. Players can’t get enough reliable foothold that it’d change Eve map forever. Thus they less and less want to achieve something more then today fun and some average battles, no real effort, no dedication, no grandeur other than circumstantial. If a change should be made, it should allow for permanent gains, and permanent losses. Ones that would matter, to allow a war to be won, today, to make enemy sign piece on some ridiculous and humiliating terms. The very possibility of it could incinerate participants, make it something bigger. Why fight war that you cant win? Why really make effort when you cant even lose?
Well, there is one other thing. In Eve most player lack any sense of identity with anything but the very selves. Things like loyalty and cause are only for laughs and propaganda, involvement ends with last NPE mission. But its hard to build long-term on this isolation. Sheer giant scope of already involved players that bring friends and bigger entities that live in null partially make up for it, but in new player Eve its non-existent. they are by themselves, and it that emptiness and lack of chances of to participate in something that will change a world at large… it dosn’t encourage them to stay.

There is a seed that connects NPE through advanced military careers to FW. Make story unravel!.
There are events temporary and continuous. Among best thing I saw was increased NPC pirate activity where they actively build FOBs and attack players in Empire space. Make events that will have results in Empires Stations being built in FW low when the system is under control and stable certain time, with agents and other permanent gains. Make events between Empires and Pirate NPC Null space where borderline system sec status may change, NPC stations built (Resource wars) or destroyed. Will it not be fun?

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the players yes, but not everyone in the galaxy is a clone. Every starship has non-clone crew members on it. They don’t make any sort of difference game mechanics wise, but backstory wise they are there, low as 10 for a shuttle and as high as 100,000 for a titan, depending on which empire designed the ship.

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So there are a great deal of human lives being lost in a war that has seen no real value to their empires since it started.

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