A change in highsec mechanics to encourage new blood

(Salt Foambreaker) #21

So when 2 large ships undock at the same time and collide, what do you think should happen?

In reality they would be destroyed, even if shields held, the sheer forces would be tremendous.

So they can either:

  • Bounce off each other harmlessly
  • Be destroyed
  • Be both flagged as aggressors and take damage (then be ganked)

(QuakeGod) #22

When a mining bot fleet in an un-wardec-able NPC corp warps in to your corps moon mining OP and starts sucking down the entire field with a couple of Orca’s, a freighter, and 16 tanked Skiffs, you’ll be glad you have the ability to bump them, because you probably don’t have the 400+ Catalysts it would take to gank their fleet…

(noone kun) #23

Ok, the problem is that wardeckers are paying concord to let them shoot members of particular corporation. Logical answer to this will be paying concord for declining declared war or hiring defenders (pvp players or suicide gankers) .But since sitting in the asderoid belt near mining barge is boring, defenders dont have to be players They may be npc’s, like those which are defending npc miners…

(Salt Foambreaker) #24

So NPCs should protect solo players from groups of players?

Just No.

(noone kun) #25

Its not about solo and group, Its about ability to pay for dropping protection and inability to pay for gaining it.

(Daichi Yamato) #26

You’re like the new dryson…

(noone kun) #27

Another funny idea - to assign outlaw status or permanent thief flag to players who paid for the right to kill members of other player corporation. Since they temporary do not exist for law, they should not be getting any protection from concord or gate guns.

(Omnathious Deninard) #28

Would would be best for new players is to remove the illusion of safety.
New eden is not a safe place, concord should not interfere in the affairs of capsuleers.

(Gregorius Goldstein) #29

Just “new blood” isn’t what EVE needs and what will keep EVE stay afloat. What EVE needs is “fresh enthusiastic blood”. And you won’t get that in HighSec, no matter how save it was or how much the missions will pay.

The spirit that carried EVE over all those years is created by the big stories of success and loss, friendship and treason, conquerors, evictions and paybacks. You hardly get those in HighSec, those people mostly stay on their own to do the boring stuff. The trick is to not stay there too long and to get hooked on the real game. Totally save HighSec would just be a boring game inside another game. Once you got your now unkillable Marauder what new goals are you gonnna go for?

(noone kun) #30

Everybody sees what they want to. Some ppl start to play eve after reading some “OMG WHAT AN EPIC BATTLE 300k SHINY DOLLARS WERE LOST, 10K PLAYERS WERE FIGHTING FOR 48 HOURS.” Those 10k players were pretending they are drones and did what fc said them to. Only fc’s actually played the real game during those battles.

…and other people come to eve after reading some sci-fi book or watching a movie. In that kind of movies main character and his ship usually gets his adventures and survives And that other people want to roleplay. They want to do what THEY want, not what YOU want them to. Shure, you can say “just go play some offline game”, but who are you to say that? EVE is different for every player.

…they probably would be traning few more alts to do their “boring stuff” more effectively, since this game wants us to run extra clients instead of mastering skills of a single character, like most mmorpg’s do. Its like "you want more dps on your raven? fly two ravens. fly ten ravens. or find some strange people who will pretend they are your drones.

talking about goals…

(Salt Foambreaker) #31

Did we ever get to see the killmail for this?

(system) #32

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