A consistent way to find small group of Drifters in Pochven?

Hi. To gain standing I search for single Drifters or a small group of them in Pochven. Sometimes they are at Wormholes but until now I found no consistent way to find them.

Is there a special way to find them in Pochven?

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You mean sleepers … make sure there is an active jspace hole in the system (no hole no sleepers /drifters outside anomalies). Periodically check all celestial: pocos, gates, NPC stations, the sun. The more of those in system the more chances. The older the holes the more stuff is roaming around. Clearing first waves at the hole may help with escalation speed.

After downtime holes need to be activated again first by warping on grid uncloaked. If a hole closes, all associated NPC go “poof”.


Are Sleepers not the subdivision / aux force of the Drifters? Or both belonging to same bigger entity? Don’t think they are unrelated…

Technically same faction, but vastly different threat level. You can kill sleepers relatively easily … drifters in Povchen are tricky.

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Frown in wormhole
Or are sleepers in K space/pochven relatively weak?

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I think they are equal or stronger than wormhole (do wh sleeper frigs instalock and scram at 30km?) … but Povchen defines a new normal of “easy” lol. It was in comparison to drifters.

EDIT: stats https://everef.net/groups/4036

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