A day of reckoning - we come for en Waro

What a shame these Intaki terrorists have brought upon themselves, and by extension the Federation as a whole. It would seem that retribution has been swift. Although it has been contained to Intaki Prime, who is to say that Khanid seeking to cause more harm won’t target other Federal territories?! Entirely irresponsible and shameful. I will be recommending action against Tears of Reschard and the Idama en Waro Repatriation Front to the United Republic of Aristidia government.

In the wake of the latest news from Ham VIII, I have travelled to the system to see what I can establish first hand.

Having completed a number of scans and surveys above Ham VIII and Ham IX, I can confirm that the data appears to discredit the public statements made by the Royal Khanid Navy.

Unfortunately, the claims by Tears of Reschard were not fabrications, as asserted by the RKN, and the attacks did take place.

This also leads me to believe that the unrest on Ham VIII was not simply a minor slave revolt, again as asserted by RKN commentary.

While this validates criticism against Tears of Reschard’s foolish actions, there may be some room for hope.

If the RKN’s comments have been shown to be unreliable in response to these events, there may be some reason to doubt reports of Kufail’s fate, or that of his retinue. Under the circumstances, however, I am not confident that we will be told anything different soon.

It is my hope that Idama en Waro was not on Ham VIII during the attack, and that her location and wellbeing can be determined somehow.

We will of course seek out any new information that may come to light, and I will spend the rest of my time here in Ham attempting to learn more.

Mr Aristide, while it is true that Tears of Reschard carried out a series of ill-advised terrorist attacks against civilian targets, the Idama en Waro Repatriation Front bravely attempted to rescue the Idama.

This is exactly the kind of direct action that appears to have the support of many in the Federation when it comes to Matari strikes against the Empire. Are the Intaki not to be granted the same courtesy when looking out for one of our own?

In contrast to some of the noises coming from elsewhere in the Federation, I again offer my support, and that of the Intaki Liberation Front, to the IWRF, and ask that they contact us.

For the Idama.

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I suppose “rescue” is a subjective term, Mr. Bataav. IWRF attacked a, I’m assuming, civilian vessel which just so happened to be possibly carrying en Waro. In both instances of these terrorist attacks, civilian targets were the end result.

Thus, they are both irresponsible parties, and they both ought to be brought to justice.

True but only in one case was that the objective.

I’ve been observing the events on Intaki Prime with some level of concern regarding the deployment of mercenary organisations there. It appears that the Onikanabo Brigade have conducted themselves in the same fashion as the brigands from which they gained their name from. I am in favour of opening dialogue with the Intaki Resilience Advancers and the Intaki Liberation Front to provide assistance from NadireSec where possible, up to and including the deployment of personnel to directly confront the brigands that have seen fit to target civilian infrastructure and cultural sites.

Additionally, I will be pressing the Nadire District Parliament to raise the issue within the Federation Senate regarding the authorisation of mercenary contracts upon Intaki Prime as well as to encourage the continuation of the ceasefire upon Chandeille (Lirsautton).

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The concern from NadireSec is appreciated, thank you Commander.

I have every confidence in the men and women of Mordu’s Legion, and their ability to respond to the destruction of Intaki property by the Onikabano Brigade, as per their official mandate.

I don’t want to speak for the Intaki Resilience Advancers, but it’s my own view that Mordu’s Legion are very unlikely to welcome yet another deployment of personnel, adding to what appears to already be a crowded roster of PMCs on Intaki Prime.

I’m sure Commander Adams agrees that additional groups seeking to involve themselves, regardless of good intentions, risks increasing confusion on the ground, collatoral damage and the loss of innocent life.

Much better to let Mordu’s Legion carry out their duties uninhibited.

Additionally, if he has not already done so, I advise that the Commander not to attempt to influence the sovereign responsibilies of the Intaki Assembly via the Senate.

To seek to curtail or restrict the freedom of the Intaki Assembly to select a capable security organisation for its own franchise would be extremely damaging.

I believe Commander Adams is well aware of the sensitivity and significance of system security with regards to the very fabric of Intaki’s membership of the Federation. The Intaki Assembly has, after all, been consistent and transparent on this matter.

Finally, I am open to discussing the topic of system security in broad terms, and without prejudice, to draw on the competence and experience of NadireSec personnel. However I believe it makes sense to first meet with the Intaki Resiliance Advancers to establish a common position, from a domestic Intaki perspective, before scheduling meetings with others from further afield.

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I thank you for your timely response, Suresha.

Of course it is not the will of the Nadire District Parliament nor myself or NadireSec to infringe upon the rights of the Intaki Assembly to select a Shipping and Security franchisee that they deem fit, as is the legislative right of all member states within the Federal Union. NadireSec itself operates as an S&S provider along with other organisations in the Nadire District and we are fully appreciative of this right that the member states possess. However, the concern that many in our District share is that if the Federal Senate can invoke and directly fund an extension of mercenary contracts on some worlds, such as Intaki V and Cephalin, where else can they undertake such actions?

Not to mention that it was the Legion that organised and brought to Cephalin and Intaki V the PMC groups in the first place. It is important for integrity and transparency for the other Districts, both those that are affected and not, into what the Senate is and isn’t authorising and their justifications for doing so as well as clarification on whom proposed it. Especially as it has had a clear and tangible impact on the cultural heritage of a major founding member of the Federation itself, and reports from sources within the Caldari State last year in YC120 about a senior official of the RKN meeting with several PMCs including the Onikanabo Brigade.

I have already reached out to Intaki Resilience Advancers in addition to yourself to organise a summit concerning the issue. I have yet to receive their reply, but I am hoping that it is soon.

Thanks to the aid of Doctor V, I have determined how I shall inflict collective punishment upon the Intaki people for their outrageous acts of terrorism upon Sa-Baron Atazil Kufail and the Khanid people.

I hereby offer the following rewards for the desecration of significant, publicly displayed Intaki Three-Color Paintings by means of adding a fourth color.

  • One billion ISK for the desecration of major works by universally acknowledged grandmasters of the genre.
  • One hundred million ISK for the desecration of minor works by universally acknowledged grandmasters or major works by grandmasters of disputed status, acknowledged 2nd-tier masters, or contemporary best-selling painters.
  • Ten million ISK for the desecration of major works by regional painters, or minor works by grandmasters of disputed status, acknowledged 2nd-tier masters, or contemporary best-selling painters.

Desecrations must be performed with a Fourth Color using hard-to-remove dye, paint or other pigment.


Tears of Reschard has plans for the Onikanabo Brigade. Details forthcoming.

As for Nauplius, pathetic. You won’t succeed in your efforts. Just crawl back into your cage.

Honestly? This is an improvement compared to Nauplius’s more barbaric Method of Operation when it comes to ‘revenge’.

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Update: would-be Fourth Color Adders may name intended beneficiaries.

This opens up Fourth Color Addition to those who do not expect to evade being caught by the authorities after their desecration, but who hope to win financial security (or just reward) for their family, their cause, or any other third party.

(That said, this is the Gallentean “justice” system we are talking about here; just tell the judge you’re an oppressed poor person who couldn’t help but desecrate that priceless Three Color Painting and you’ll get off with a apology.)

I reserve the right to exclude from reward designation any pro-Minmatar activist organizations, but I promise to read this exception narrowly.

Notice to the Onikanabo Brigade:

According to recent reports, you have been plundering Ida monasteries and burning their associated villages. Whatever your motivation for doing this, a holy and righteous God smiles upon your work, for the Intaki people must suffer for their crimes against Sa-Baron Atazil Kufail and the Khanid Kingdom. I do, however, have an additional request: when you encounter a notable Three Color Painting, instead of looting or burning it, desecrate it with a Fourth Color, and I shall reward you as announced above.

In a very real way, the actions of the Onikanabo Brigade are barbaric, criminal, and merit military response. The Onikanabo Brigade’s pursuit of ‘reparations’ constitutes extra-legal raids or piracy, and so I entreat the Legion to treat them appropriately.

Until such a time as Mordu’s Legion does not have the security contract for the Intaki system, they, but even more importantly the Intaki people, have the authority to enforce legal action; and, indeed, in a case where the State holds de jure authority due to CEMWPA, the Caldari Business Tribunal nonetheless governs intercorporate disputes. Reparations forcibly extracted are only an option if the defendant refuses to abide by binding arbitration.

Their hiring authority has potentially two means of legal recourse: through the Caldari Business Tribunal against Ishukone or appropriate corporate or governmental bodies in the Intaki system, or through the Federation’s district judiciary against the Intaki Assembly.

In either case, IKAME at this point offers its full material and legal support to the Intaki in the matter.


Forgive me for inserting myself once again, but I find this relevant to mention; Onikanabo Brigade is well known for these antics, and their actions have certainly not gone unnoticed by the Accords. Normally we avoid imposing restrictions and ultimatums on state-sponsored and empire-affiliated organisations, but the Onikanabo Brigade is technically an independent mercenary outfit that exists separate from any of the megacorperations that constitute the Caldari State, regardless of their established roots on Caldari Prime.

Therefore, the same standards we hold for other independent warclones also applies to them. If Onikanabo operatives don’t cease these acts within 72 hours, any mercenaries affiliated with their organisation will be permanently disbarred from Bosena Accords membership and services.

I don’t expect that to do much to actually stop these vandals, but I feel it’s only fair to hold all warclones to the same standards equally. That said, hey, if you are an independent warclone acting on behalf of Mordu’s Legion or otherwise supporting the Intaki people go nuts. We’d be happy to extend our support and services.

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This looks like it will shape up to be an interesting case for the CBT.

Especially if (I assume) a Khanid Kingdom Holder of sufficient rank decreed a legal compensatory claim for damages incurred during recent attacks, named Ida Monasteries as culpable, restructured that claim as a debt instrument sold to the Onikanabo Brigade via State securities exchange, and which then gave the Brigade legal recourse to conduct Asset Realization against the Ida Monasteries when they defaulted under Corporate reparations law.

Or it might not have, but still devious if true, and interesting nonetheless to see how the situation develops.

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That… Actually makes a surprising amount of sense.

If true, congratulations. Not only have you gotten en Waro at best killed (y’know factoring in the whole reincarnation thing) and at worst completely lost with no idea where they are, you’ve also now gotten your own holy land and countless Intaki civilian towns razed. I really didn’t think people had the capacity to fail so thoroughly. But then again these are the same people that thought synthesizing their own knockoff deathglow in their space-garage and shooting it out of model rockets at civvies would get the Idama freed.

I’ve heard of more complex means of getting one’s due, this is not outside the realm of possibility.

As the scale of the desecration by the Onikanabo Brigade becomes clear, the Intaki Relief effort will continue to respond to calls for assistance on Intaki Prime.

I’m pleased to learn that Ishukone intends to challenge the Brigade’s attempts to justify their actions, and I will be meeting with representatives from I-RED and others to discuss how we can support Ishukone’s efforts.

While there may be a temptation to conflate the Onikanabo Brigade’s actions with the matter of the Shipping & Security Franchise for the Intaki system, I do not believe they are directly related.

Instead, it is my view that the Brigade has simply taken advantage of the mercenary exercises, being held by Mordu’s Legion, to gain access to the surface under false pretences. It is clear that they have no intention of competing for the Intaki franchise, and instead have deployed on a pre-existing contract for another client.

I believe this client to be Khanid Royal Commodore Arraz Nomarya, who was reported to have met with representatives of Onikanabo Brigade, along with Intara Direct Action, with a view to securing their services for “counter-terrorist operations”. These meetings were reported in October last year, months before the Tears of Reschard embarked on their spate of terrorist attacks in Khanid space.

Therefore I strongly recommend Mordu’s Legion respond to the potential for further attacks by Intara Direct Action, in addition to their response to the Onikanabo Brigade.

I want to take this opportunity to remind people of my comments at the start of the year:

To Commodore Nomarya, and those supporting the violence on Intaki Prime (and I’m talking to you, Nauplius), you have my attention.


Perhaps, although if I am honest I doubt much will come out of this affair on the side of the State if the Khanid Kingdom was involved. Most of the Big Eight have significant investment and business in the Kingdom that they are unlikely to risk over Ida Monasteries and the Intaki Assembly – such as Kaalakiota with Khanid Transport, Lai Dai with both Khanid Innovations and in partnership via Modern Finances, Nugoeihuvei in Samarkand Financial.

Which speaking of Samarkand Financial, helped finance the stock purchases of CEO Reppola in his leadership bid at Ishukone. I think a belief that Ishukone, like most State Megas, is going to risk its own interests in the Kingdom over some monasteries and the Onikanabo Brigade as particularly misplaced.

The most likely thing in my mind to occur is the provision of a few boilerplate platitudes while Ishukone tries to de-escalate the conflict and avoid being forced to pick a side between two trading partners in conflict.

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