A (different?) local chat bug

I’m having this strange problem with local that is different from what I’ve been reading about, at least as far as i can tell. I’m a very new player so i don’t know if this is the same problem as everyone else has been experiencing, but i hope not.

When i load into a system most of the time my local chat loads blank. The number of characters loads correctly, and the chat channel loads the correct number in brackets (ie. “Local [13]”) but the list itself does not update. This also extends to other people loading into my system. The number will update so i can tell someone has arrived, but the list does not change. When people leave system, the list updates immediately.

Changing the window size horizontally does not fix the issue, but changing the window size vertically instantly refreshes the list.

pictures here:

the first pic is the bug, the 2nd is showing that horizontal window size updates don’t change anything, i don’t have a 3rd pic to show how a vertical update will populate the list but take my word for it, it updates the list 100% of the time. I also don’t have pictures of someone arriving in system and the list not updating but it happens very frequently, not 100% of the time though.

Has anyone else experienced this? I’ve reinstalled the game and there’s no difference. I thought it was my overview (S-Z) but that fizzled out too because even resetting the overview the same bug would happen (although to be fair it seemed to happen less often).

I can’t find any mention of a problem like this and I don’t know how to investigate further.


For those who may experience this, i have found the solution.

The issue was that my CMOS battery was dead/dying and my clock kept getting out of whack. Every time this happened my local would get messed up.

Replaced battery, no issues.

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