Local chat not fully functional


Local chat does not display negative status before name. -5 or -10 are not shown.
This is very dangerous. Also, worse, occasionally, it does not dipslay right amount of people.
This totally breaks game mechanics.

Please fix ASAP.

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Have you submitted a bug report, ideally from inside the game, when you notice an issue?

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Yes. 48+ hours ago. 3rd april, afternoon.
No updates, mails etc. so far.

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You likely won’t hear anything back on the bug.

That’s not a reason not to report them. Once it’s in the system, it’s there until it’s dealt with.

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I don’t remember local chat ever showing a character’s security status. Course I do have it on compact mode though.

I assumed he was talking about standings, not sec status


Yes, standings. Whatever. No red and orange box before the name. That is one of the problem.

Now that it is all screwed up they should just take it out.

Definately NOT!
I need orange, gray and red boxes, as well as blue and purple.

Those could be in Overview/Scan results.

A List worked for, not a list that is “magic”.

Local wasn’t displaying correctly after jumping in a wormhole then back out again also local messages ceased to work after,haven’t had random invisible players in local yet or standing display issues another I’ve had was players remaining in local chat after jumping out.

Oh no…I have to hit d-scan an stay aligned…no ratting in complete safety…zomg!!!


What D-scan? Local chat does not display -5 and -10 contacts. I mean, name it does, red/orange icon in front of the name does not.
I cleared my contacts, added new, cleared all cache… I see all excpet -5 and -10

lol…you seriously don’t know what D-scan is?

There I was, flying around a quiet system, I’m the only pilot in local and I’m looking around for things to steal. My eyes lit-up as I noticed a Golem on D-Scan, and it was nowhere near any moons. “Free Golem!” I said to myself, as I began the process of whittling-down the Golem’s precise location. Shortly after dropping probes, and to my horror, the Golem began moving, it flew to one of the gates and presumably left system. There was not a single pilot other than myself in local the entire time.

I kinda liked it, but it was also rather annoying, I want my free Golem.

Guys, LOCAL chat is not displaying correctly.
Look at this:

my character is useless for a week now, will somone resolve this?
@Steve Ronuken can you push it?

No offense… but if they are a threat, and you know the name… then you should be able to see them in system. Then just use your D-Scan to find them… hunt them or avoid them. The choice is yours.

D-Scan is life.
D-Scan is freedom.
D-Scan is information.
D-Scan is victory!

LouHodo, you miss the point. I need this fixed. No D-scan, I want damn ICON there as it was till the week ago.
Got it?

A little touchy aren’t we. It’s ok… just do as I do… trust NO ONE in local. They are all hostile unless they are in my corp.