A few bookmarks on screen drop my fps quite a bit

Usually I get around 100-120fps, according to my screen refresh rate.
It’s a Variable Refresh Rate display, so fps not being stable isn’t an issue for me.

With a few bookmarks visible it drops to 70-80, sometimes lower.

In warp it’s even worse.

I feel like the fact that it’s a screen with variable refresh rate makes up a lot for it,
otherwise there’d likely be stuttering, which is why I’m reporting it.

I’m posting this, because I thought most people won’t have 570+ bookmarks on one grid,
maybe even including the devs, so maybe this interests someone.

Running on an i5 7300HQ, 8gigs of RAM, 1060 MaxQ, Windows 10.

And … yes, I do consider this to be a few

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