A few "common sense" mining improvements

Now that we’re going to be able to compress moon ore, here’s some other things we can do to improve mining:

  • R4’s only in HiSec. No R4 ore or materials in anything other than HiSec moons.
  • Homogenize the mineral content of R4’s. Seriously, current iteration makes no sense.
  • Add Tritanium to R4’s.
  • Consolidate asteroid ore refining skills to Common, Uncommon, and Rare (and refund that SP).
  • Remove refining skills from mining crystals and just make like two 5D skills: one to reduce the damage chance and one to increase effectiveness.
  • Change mining crystals to decrease cycle time instead of increasing volume of yield.
  • Normalize asteroid/moon rock size: 1 cycle of lasers = 1 refine/compressible unit of ore. Just tweak the yields to keep it about the same as it is now, where 1 full cargo of Crokite = same amount of Nocxium as now, etc.

Very awesome changes.

Nope. Cary on

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You can’t even spell the word “carry”. Dismissed.

I’d support this. Maybe increase the skill requirements of tech 2 strip miners to go with that though. Slightly longer train to get t2 strips, but less overall time training dumb stuff like reprocessing efficiency V which is a prereq for a bunch of stuff for no goddamn reason.

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Im sorry but this not makes sense. As you already know strip miner modules uses laser beam to mine, if you put laser beam into cyrstal it will reduce the consentration of the beam or increase it.

But as you already know there is not much to do with exhumers besides more yield or more tanky or more ore cargo. I might suggest making exhumer better.

Have fun, fly safe o7


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