A few questions about new moon mining mechanics

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Hello forum readers,

i have a question about the composition of the moons.
on the test server it is 20% of that and 40% of another all amounting up to 100%.

but im wondering does the composition change? is it randomized? also if you have a moon with rare moon materials could it be a worthless moon the week after?

I would really appriciate your help!

(ISD Sakimura) #2

No, the composition will probably not change when the patch goes live. However the location of the high-values moons will be scrambled again at patch launch, and thus every alliance or Corp would have to re-Survey every moon to find out which resources are available in their space.

While the location of high-values ‘moons’ will change (from how it is on SISI) the overall value will not, if you are on SISI and found a moon with medium rare ores with an estimated 1.5bn for an Asteroid Belt, the value of a moon with medium rare ores will still be around 1.5bn for an asteroid belt when patch is launched.

If you need more information on the Moon Mining changes, you can read it here

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