Is ore quality gone?

Hello all,

I am just coming back after 909 days off. Last time I went mining when I scanned the ore they had different qualities. Now the only difference seems to be and how much there is within a singular Rock.

Am I missing something or did they do away with ore qualities?

And if so is there any difference between mining the same Rock in high SEC or J space?

I am not the best at terminology but hopefully this make sense to someone. Any insight is greatly appreciated oh, thank you all!

Nope. 5% and 10% variants are still in the game. The 15% variants which briefly existed from moon mining have been removed (15% moon rocks still exist).

What might be happening is someone is running from belt to belt mining all the higher quality ores and leaving the rest.

wen i used to mine the compressed normal minerals had a bigger market for them to the point they were more valuable and liquid than the quality ones
duno nowadays

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